20 Ways To Raise God Fearing Children
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20 Ways To Raise God Fearing Children

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Raising godly kids in today’s world can seem daunting. Everywhere you look, some influences seem to pull them away from faith and into a secular worldview. However, as parents or guardians, you have a powerful role in guiding your children to grow in faith and live a life that reflects godly values. Here are 20 ways on how to raise God fearing children.

Importance of Raising Godly Children

Raising godly children is more than just a personal preference; it’s a vital part of ensuring that the next generation carries forward the values and principles that form the cornerstone of a healthy, thriving society. When you instill in your children the importance of faith, love, and compassion, you’re not only shaping their character but also influencing the world they will impact. Godly children grow into adults who value integrity, practice kindness, and contribute positively to their communities.

Creating a foundation of faith in your children’s lives helps them navigate the challenges of life with hope and resilience. They learn to lean on a power greater than themselves, finding peace and guidance in their relationship with God. This spiritual anchoring offers them a sense of purpose and direction, essential qualities in a world that can often seem confusing and directionless.

Moreover, godly children are equipped to make moral decisions, resist peer pressure, and stand firm in their convictions. They become lights in their circles, often leading by example and influencing their peers in positive ways. The effort you put into raising godly kids has a ripple effect, reaching far beyond your immediate family.

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How to raise god fearing kids

How to Raise Godly Kids

1. Set a Foundation for Faith

The journey of raising God-fearing children begins with laying a solid foundation of faith in their lives. This involves more than just teaching them about God; it’s about integrating faith into the everyday moments of life. Share with them the stories of your faith journey, including the challenges and how you’ve seen God work in your life. Make faith a natural part of conversations, not something that is only brought up on Sundays or during religious holidays.

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2. Teach Them Biblical Values and Principles

One of the most direct ways to instill godliness in your children is through teaching them Biblical values and principles. This doesn’t mean merely reading Bible stories to them, but also discussing these stories and extracting the moral and spiritual lessons they offer. Encourage questions and engage in discussions that help them apply these principles to their own lives.

3. Create a Nurturing and Supportive Home Environment

A nurturing home environment is crucial for the development of godly children. This means creating a space where love, respect, and kindness are the norms. Children who feel secure and loved are more open to accepting and practicing the values you’re teaching them. Make your home a haven of peace where your children can feel God’s presence.

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4. Encourage Prayer and Devotion

Another parenting tip on how to raise God fearing children is to encourage prayer and devotion in their lives. Prayer and devotion are essential practices in the life of a believer, and teaching your children to commit to these practices helps deepen their relationship with God. Encourage them to pray, not just during family prayer time but on their own. Introduce them to devotional readings appropriate for their age and encourage them to spend time in personal worship.

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How To Raise God Fearing Children

5. Model Godly Behavior and Character

Children learn more from what they observe than what they’re told. Modeling godly behavior and character in your daily life is perhaps the most powerful way to teach your children about living a life of faith. Let them see you reading the Bible, praying, showing kindness to others, and living out your faith in tangible ways.

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6. Engage in Regular Family Worship

Family worship times are not only for prayer and Bible reading but also for bonding as a family in the presence of God. Use this time to sing worship songs together, share personal testimonies of God’s goodness, and study the Bible. Make it a joyful and meaningful time that your children look forward to.

7. Involve Children in Church and Community Activities

Being part of a community of believers provides children with a broader perspective of what it means to live a life of faith. Involve them in church activities suitable for their age group and encourage their participation in community service projects. This helps them see faith in action and understand the importance of serving others.

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How to raise God fearing children

8. Teach Them the Importance of Serving Others

Service is a key component of godly living. Teach your children the joy and importance of serving others by involving them in acts of kindness and service. Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter, helping a neighbor with yard work, or simply baking cookies for a friend, these acts of service help cultivate a heart that mirrors Jesus’ heart for people.

9. Discuss Tough Topics with Grace and Truth

As your children grow, they will inevitably encounter difficult and complex topics. Approach these discussions with grace and truth, guiding them through the lens of your faith. Being open to these discussions helps your children learn to navigate challenging subjects in a way that aligns with their faith.

10. Implement Discipline with Love and Consistency

Discipline is an essential aspect of raising children, but it should always be administered with love and consistency. Use disciplinary moments as opportunities to teach your children about the consequences of their actions and the importance of making godly choices.

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11. Train Them to Nurture a Strong Relationship with God

Encouraging a personal relationship with God is central to raising godly kids. Teach them to see God as their Heavenly Father, who is always there to listen, guide, and comfort them. Encourage them to talk to God about their fears, hopes, and dreams and to listen for His guidance in their lives.

How to raise godly kids

12. Encourage a Love for the Bible

The Bible is the living word of God and nurturing a love for scripture is a gift that will guide your children throughout their lives. Encourage them to read the Bible daily, memorize scripture, and apply its teachings to their lives. Make scripture reading a fun and engaging part of their routine.

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13. Teach Them the Power of Forgiveness and Grace

Forgiveness and grace are central themes in Christianity. Teach your children about the importance of forgiving others as an act of obedience to God and as a pathway to freedom from bitterness. Help them understand God’s grace towards us and how we, in turn, are to extend grace to others.

14. Foster a Spirit of Gratitude and Contentment

In a world that constantly pushes for more, teaching your children the value of gratitude and contentment is countercultural. Encourage them to be thankful for what they have and to find contentment in God’s provisions. A grateful heart is a fertile ground for godliness to flourish.

15. Instill in Them a Sense of Purpose and Mission

Every child of God has a purpose and a mission. Help your children understand that they are here for a reason and that God has a plan for their lives. Encourage them to seek God’s direction for their lives and to use their talents and gifts to glorify Him.

16. Encourage Purity and Modesty

In a culture that often glorifies immorality, teaching your children the value of purity and modesty is crucial. Discuss with them God’s design for sexuality and the importance of respecting their bodies and the bodies of others. Model modesty in your own choices and guide them in making decisions that honor God.

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17. Equip Them to Navigate the Challenges of the World

Preparing your children to face the world’s challenges with faith and confidence is a key aspect of raising godly kids. Teach them to discern truth from deception, to stand firm in their beliefs, and to seek God’s wisdom in every situation. Equip them with the spiritual tools they need to face trials and temptations.

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18. Celebrate Milestones and Achievements in Faith

Just as you celebrate academic and extracurricular achievements, celebrate milestones in your children’s spiritual journey. Whether it’s memorizing a significant portion of scripture, making a decision to be baptized, or leading a friend to Christ, recognizing these moments encourages them to keep growing in their faith.

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19. Teach them to be obedient to their elders

In many traditions, obedience is seen as the cornerstone of godly behavior. It’s not merely about teaching children to comply without thought but to respect and understand the wisdom that often comes with age and experience. This journey begins at home, with you as their primary example.

20. Teach Them to Be Honest with Others

The final step on how to raise God fearing children is to teach them to be honest. Honesty is the cornerstone of a godly character. Teaching your children the value of truthfulness not only helps them develop integrity but also strengthens their relationship with God. An honest child learns to communicate openly, builds trust with others, and navigates life’s challenges with moral clarity.

To instill honesty in your children, start by being a model of truthfulness yourself. Children are keen observers and often mimic the behaviors they see in their parents. Show them through your actions that honesty is not just a virtue but a way of life. When faced with situations where being truthful might be difficult, choose honesty and discuss the choice with your children, explaining why it is important.


Raising godly kids in today’s world is both a challenge and a profound responsibility. By integrating these 20 strategies into your parenting style, you set your children on a path toward a deep and enduring relationship with God.

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How to raise god fearing children

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