How to say I love you in different ways

How to say I love you in different ways

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There are creative ways to say “I love you” without even mentioning the word “Love”. Whether you’re trying to express your love in words this Valentine’s day, Christmas, or any day at all, we will show you how to do that in a more creative way.

For you to be more romantic, we’ve compiled about 70 ways to say I love you to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or just a friend. Expressing love in words is difficult most times. You will be contemplating on the right words to use. To ease this anxiety, take a look at the few words we have below.

How to say I love you in different languages

Here is a video that will teach you how to say I love you in different languages.

More Romantic Ways to say I love you

1. You are all that I have

2. You mean a lot to me

3. I admire you.

4. You are the light of my soul.

5. I value you.

6. I adore You.

7. Am nothing without you.

8. I care for you.

9. I cherish you

10. You complete me.

11. Am afraid to lose you.

12. Nothing can separate us.

13. You are so special to me

I love you

14. You are my sweet potato

15. I am desperate to have you

16. You are my strength in weakness.

17. You are the apple of my eyes.

18. I am dying for you

19. I have feelings for you

20. You are always on my mind.

21. I can’t sleep without thinking about you.

22. You always make me happy

23. I can’t stay without you

I love you

24. You drive me crazy.

25. I enjoy your company

26. You are the reason why I always look at myself in the mirror and smile

27. I am proud of you

28. I am very lucky for meeting you.

29. Life without you is nothing.

30. You are a light to my eyes.

31. You’re so precious to me.

32. You are my priority

33. My feelings for you are beyond doubt.

34. We are meant to be.

35. You are incredible.

36. You’re my prince.

37. You’re my princess.

38. Am addicted to you.

Creative ways to say I love you

38. Am drown to you.

39. You are more than a friend to me.

40. You are perfect to me.

41. I heart you

42. I enjoy being with you.

43. Your presence makes me happy.

44. You are my type.

45. You are the bone of my bone.

46. My affection for you is immeasurable.

47. You make life worth living for me.

48. You’re my paragon of perfection.

Funny Ways to say I love You

49. You leave me breathless every time I see you.

50. You are the sugar in my tea.

51. You’re the butter in my bread.

52. You’ve got me smitten.

53. My heart gets warm because of you.

54. You’re mesmerizing.

55. You are the one.

56. My soul gets sick without you.

57. Your love is like a drug to me.

58. Your beauty drives me crazy.

59. You are my bright morning star.

60. If I had a wing, I will fly with you.

Other Cute Ways to say I love you without saying it

61. Get him/her a flower

62. Take him/her out for a lunch

63. Give them a surprise gift

64. Open the door for him/her when you’re about to enter your room or house

65. Tell them a sweet story

66. Make him/her laugh with some crazy jokes

67. Prepare him/her their delicious meal

68. Write them a love letter

69. Write a love poem for him/her

70. Give him/her a pet name and always call them by that name.

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