10 Things To Do When You Have A Crush
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10 Things To Do When You Have A Crush

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We all have a crush every day. At least, before the end of each day, there must be someone you felt attracted to or even had feelings for. And in this post, I will be sharing with you, what to do when you have a crush.

Having a crush without expressing your feelings to your crush is like desiring something without working for it. And you will soon see another person take that which belongs to you if you don’t act fast. Below are what to do when you have feelings for someone in order not to lose them to another person.

What to do when you have a crush

1. Take a bold step forward

The first thing you should do when you have a crush on someone is to take a step forward. Approach them and tell them how you feel about them. They might also have feelings for you. But if you fail to show interest, you may end up losing them to another person who is more interested than you.

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2. Initiate a friendship with them

After expressing your feelings to your crush, give them a friendship proposal. Every relationship starts from friendship and evolves into a committed relationship. So, make sure you are friends first before asking them for a relationship.

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3. Get their contact and reach out to them

Your main aim in approaching your crush should be to express your feelings for them and end up getting their phone number. The essence of collecting their digits is to often stay in contact with them without necessarily coming to see each other, every day. By this means, you will be able to sustain the friendship until they finally become committed to you.

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4. Keep your mouth shut

Some can’t keep their mouth when they have a crush on someone. They will tell their friends and everyone how they feel about this person. It shouldn’t be so. Sometimes, your friends might also have an interest in the same guy or girl you like and are likely to take them away from you. Therefore, endeavor to keep everything to yourself, if possible, until they have become yours.

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5. Take everything slowly

As you are still in the first phase of your friendship, do not rush things if you want the relationship to last. And your crush might decide to take you for granted or even lose feelings if they discover that you are desperate, clingy, and moving too fast in the relationship.

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6. Get to know them better

Try to get to know your crush better by talking to them, engaging in conversation, and going on dates. Endeavor to ask them deep questions to know them better. This will also help both of you to feel comfortable as you get closer.

7. Go on a date with your crush

After you have finally become friends, consider going on a date with your crush, at least, once in a while. Dating is a time you get to know someone. You must not take her to the most expensive dating spot. Look for a restaurant where you can both stay comfortably and discuss.

8. Continue building the relationship

If your crush responds positively, be sure to keep up the good work and continue to build a relationship with them. Work on building and earning their trust. This will make them comfortable and reciprocate your love for them.

9. Surprise them

If you want to keep your crush interested and make them love you more, surprise them. People love surprises and this will make your crush start to develop feelings for you.

“You can’t love without giving, but you can give without love.” Make it a habit to get them a surprise gift, even if it’s not their birthday. This will make them feel loved and start thinking about you.

10. Flirt with them

If you don’t want to be left in the friend zone, you have to be romantic. And one of the ways to do that is to flirt with your crush. If they flirt back, it is a sign of attraction. Continue doing it, each time you have a conversation with them until they have fallen madly in love with you. Here are 30 flirty text messages to send to your crush.

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10 Things to do immediately you have a crush on someone
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