9 Proven Ways To Make A Man Feel Loved
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9 Proven Ways To Make A Man Feel Loved

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How do you make a man feel loved and wanted?

A man may not tell you all that he needs from a woman, but inside of him is this innate desire to be treated like a king or a hero. Who said women are the only ones that needed to be pampered? Men too love it when their women go a long way to surprise and make them feel special. Below are some suggestions or ideas on how to make a man feel loved, appreciated and needed.

How to make a man feel loved

1. Send him some romantic love notes

Men love to read love notes. If you don’t know, get that into your head today. If you want to make him feel loved, surprise him with some romantic love letters for him. Don’t say you are living together. Therefore, he doesn’t need a love letter.

If I may ask, when was the last time your man called, during the day to tell you that he’s missing you? Do you know that a single love note from you can make him miss you when he’s feeling loved? Try sending him a love letter during the day and don’t forget to come back and drop your comment if it works.

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2. Compliment him in a special way

You can melt a man’s heart by complimenting him in a special way. When was the last time you made him feel like a guy? If he’s your husband when was the last time you made him feel like he’s your boyfriend by calling him pet names? All these can be done through the power of compliments.

Tell him he’s cute or handsome every day he dresses for work. This does not only make him feel loved but it sustains the spark or chemistry between you and him.

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3. Respect him

Every man wants to be respected by their woman. No matter how little or weak the man may be, he feels loved when you respect him. Avoid making statements that belittle him or make him feel impotent.

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4. Cook his favourite meal

Every man has a secret to his secret. And only women who try to please their man discovers this secret. Another way to make a man feel like a kind, a hero or even feel special is to feed him well. Cook his favourite meal. Don’t just prepare anything that comes to your mind. Make a delicious dinner he will love.

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5. Do not deny him sex

No matter how upset you are, do not go to bed with your anger, not to talk of denying him sex. Is his conjugal right. Do not starve him of that precious food. Give him what he wants, and how he wants it. Try to be in charge sometimes, and make him feel like a man.

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6. Appreciate his efforts

No matter how little his efforts may be, every man wants to feel appreciated by their woman. It makes them feel loved and appreciated. Do not be too familiar with your partner to start taking him for granted. Always appreciate his love and efforts towards you.

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7. Always ask for his opinion

Men feel loved when a woman seeks their advice. It tells them you love and value them. So, before you do anything as a wife or a girlfriend, just ask him for his opinions. It doesn’t mean he’s in control of your life. But you’re just trying to make him feel valued.

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8. Get him a surprise gift

Even men love surprises. How do you feel when your man gets you a surprise gift? You feel loved and special, I guess. That is the same way your man will feel if you surprise him with a gift. Do not wait till his birthday before you do this. You can get him a flower to show how much you love and cherish him.

9. Be there for him

A time will come in your man’s life when he will need you most. That is the best time he will feel loved most. So, make sure you are there for him. Reassure him of your love and support for him. All these are small gestures that will make him feel like a king, a hero, and also make him feel loved, special and cherished by you.


9 Proven ways to make a man feel loved
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