10 Effective Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Goals
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10 Effective Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Goals

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Setting goals is important but sticking to those plans is most important. In this post, you will learn how to stay consistent with goals.

Staying focused on your goals is one thing most people find so difficult to do. They might be good at setting goals for themselves but it becomes a problem when it comes to holding unto those goals. Consistency is not inherent. It is a habit anybody can form and develop.

Importance of sticking to your goals

Being consistent with your goals is the key to success. Being productive and actualizing your goals don’t just happen by setting personal goals. You need to stick to those plans by not giving up on them, no matter how impossible it might be to achieve them.

How to stay consistent with goals

1. Set achievable goals

Before you even think about how to stay consistent with your goals, consider setting the goals you love and can achieve. Having impossible goals, most times kills your motivation to continue with your goals. So, try to always set goals you can achieve. Whether it is a short-term goal or a long-term one.

2. Find motivation

Everyone has their own source of inspiration. Find your own.

To stay consistent with your plans, you need to discover what fuels your desire to pursue those goals. Your motivation might be tied to your friends, your desire to make money, or ability to solve personal problems, etc. Continue doing or engaging in whatever activities will increase the passion you have to go after your goals in life.

3. Be accountable to someone

Sometimes you will easily give up on your goals if you don’t have anyone to account for. Look for a friend or a colleague at work to help monitor you. At the end of everything, you should consider giving an account to him or her. Also, consider reaching an agreement on what they should do if you give up on those goals.

4. Create a simple schedule

In order not to give up on your goals, you need to create a routine that will help you to be stable with your goals. The essence of this planner, schedule, routine, or whatever you chose to call it is to make your goals easier for you to identify and achieve.

5. Develop self-discipline

If you’re not self-disciplined, you will easily give up on your goals. Self-discipline gives you the courage to face the obstacles that might confront you as you wait on your dreams, goals, or plans.

6. Be patient

Patience is inculcated through self-discipline. If you lack the ability to endure challenges or new changes, you will often give up on your goals. Sometimes, your goals will seem impossible to achieve. But only patience will help you stick to them.

7. Break your goals down

Smaller goals are best sustained than bigger ones. Consider breaking your goals into smaller parts that will be easier for you to stick with and even actualize.

8. Do not expect perfection

Sometimes, you will easily change your goals if all you care about is perfection. You will never attain 100% of your goals. Trying to be perfect in what you do will make you constantly set new goals and abandon your old goals.

9. Track your progress

We tend to stay consistent with our goals when we realize we are making progress. And the only way to identify this is by keeping track of your progress. Document what you have done so far to see if you are moving forward or backward.

10. Overcome the fear of failure

The fear of failing can make you give up on your goals. You need to realize that failure is not a bad thing. Rather, it is a great teacher in the world of success. Here is my previous post about how to overcome the fear of failure.


10 Effective ways to stay consistent with  your goals
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