15 Warning Signs He Only Wants To Sleep With You
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15 Warning Signs He Only Wants To Sleep With You

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If you are not sure whether a guy is only interested in having sex or not, here are warning signs he only wants to sleep with you. When you discover these signs, they are indications that a man only wants to get in your pants and nothing more.

When you are not sure what a man wants in a relationship, you will be asking questions like ‘is he using me for sex? Does he want my body? Is he only interested in sleeping with me? etc. Asking these questions is necessary as they will help you determine if he will not commit or not.

Most guys are players in disguise and will quickly move on after getting what they want in a relationship. When a guy only wants to get in your pants, there are warning signs he will inadvertently send. Those signals are there to reveal his intentions and warn you about his dubious plans.

If you are looking for a way to tell if a guy wants a relationship or just a hookup, then pay attention to these signs.

15 Signs he only wants to sleep with you

1. He talks more about sex

The first sign that tells a guy only wants to sleep with you is that he often engages in sexual conversations with you. When a guy’s discussion centers around sex, it is a warning sign that all he wants from you is to get in your pants.

There are numerous things to talk about in a relationship aside from sex. And if your partner often engages in dirty talks or he often sex texts you, it is an obvious sign that all he wants in the relationship is sex and nothing more.

2. He pays more attention to your body

A guy only wants to sleep with you if all he pays attention to is your appearance. For example, he likes it when you look sexy and hot, especially when you are going on a date with him or when you are going over to his place.

“Where a man’s heart is, there his treasure is also.”

3. He likes night dates more than ‘day

Night date has been the only time he has been waiting for the opportunity to sleep with you. If your man is allergic to going on a date in the daytime but only at night, see this as a warning sign he is thinking about sleeping with you.

Moreover, he gets you drunk each time you go on a date. All these are signs he just wants to have his way into your pants.

4. He gets offensive when you deny him sex

Intimacy is necessary for every relationship but it shouldn’t be rushed, especially if you are just getting to know each other.

If your boyfriend demands sex too early in the relationship and even gets upset when you say ‘NO’ it’s a big sign he’s just in for sex and nothing more.

5. The relationship has no direction

You will know if a guy only wants to have your body if your relationship with him has no direction. For example, you don’t know if he has any future plans to take the relationship to another level. All you know is that you are dating each other but don’t actually know where the relationship is heading to.

6. You often engage in casual sex

If a guy is only interested in your body but doesn’t want a relationship with you, you will know by the way you relate with each other. For example, he often demands sex and you end up giving it to him anytime he needs it. All you can offer in the relationship and all he needs from you is sex. And it is very obvious to you that he is not in for a relationship but to just have a casual relationship with you.

7. You don’t know much about him

If he has not introduced you to his family or friends, yet he wants sex from you, it is another sign he only wants to end up with you in bed. Such guys will promise to marry you but will not introduce you to their family or friends. This is another warning sign you shouldn’t ignore if you want to know if a guy is serious about you or if he just wants a hookup.

8. He only sees you when he wants to

This is not a good sign in a relationship. If a guy often cancels dates but only meets with you when he wants to, it is clear that he doesn’t want a relationship with you. A guy who wants a relationship and not just to hook up with you will make effort to see you and spend some time with you.

9. He sends a mixed signal

Another sign that tells a man wants to have sex with you is that he often blows cold and hot. In other words, he sends mixed signals, and his emotion fluctuate. This might happen for a number of reasons. For example, his emotion towards you might be cold if he discovers that he’s not getting what he wants from you. He may be acting this way just to make you feel bad about yourself and allow him to get what he wants from you.

10. You’re never a priority to him

One of the ways to know if a guy values you or not is the amount of time, affection, and attention he gives to you as a woman. Women crave attention and affection more than any other thing in a relationship, and if a guy is not giving you his time, it is a sign you are not important to him. And any guy who doesn’t value you is ready to sleep with you and eventually dump you.

11. You are just friends with benefits

Friends with benefits are one in which two people are physically intimate with each other, yet they are not in a serious relationship.

So, if a guy often sees you as a friend but doesn’t have any serious intentions for you or for the relationship, then he is there only to sleep with you and nothing more.

12. He already has a girlfriend

If a guy claims to love you and he has a girlfriend but doesn’t want to let her go, and at the same time, he wants you to become his girlfriend, it is a big sign he only wants to have sex with you. If he is serious about you he will proceed to end the first relationship and focus on you. Therefore, do not be deceived by such tricks.

13. He doesn’t make any future plans with you

It is very clear that a guy just wants to have your body if all he thinks about is himself and doesn’t include you in his plans. For example, he doesn’t even think about building a future with you, and neither does he make any attempt to meet with your family and friends.

14. He visits you late at night

Does your guy like coming to your place at night? He may be thinking about spending a night with you. If all he does is visit you at night and not in the daytime, then he has a plan of sleeping with you.

15. He doesn’t bother to know more about you

A guy who only wants you for sex will never bother to know much about you or even meet with your family and friends. All he wants is to get his way through your pants and eventually go his way.

Signs he wants you badly sexually through text

One of the signs a guy wants you badly sexually over texts is that he flirts with you and often makes attempts to sex text you or get you in the mood for that.

What to say to a guy who just wants to sleep with you

When you discover that a guy just wants to sleep with you, the only thing to say to him is to ask him to define the relationship and what he wants. This will help you to discover his intentions and equally know whether you are wasting your time with him or not.


Signs he only wants to sleep with you
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