How To Sustain A Long-Distance Relationship
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How To Sustain A Long-Distance Relationship

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Indeed, physical distance along with different time zones could make long-distance relationships a bit challenging.

LDR is a fusion of distance and the relationship itself. For a romantic relationship, you would expect physical closeness. So, how will you remain connected against this geographical distance? How will you survive this long-distance relationship? Or even maintain this type of relationship?

Starting along, the goal of a relationship is to bring joy into your life and share it with the one you love.

However, it’s hard to maintain such a healthy relationship without having physical intimacy. So, this kind of relationship now turns out to be full of sadness, loneliness and struggles.

Nevertheless, starting a long-distance relationship must not be a struggle at all.

Although overcoming these long-distance relationship problems requires some patience, you could use the time apart to work on various aspects of the relationship. And the tips to be provided below will help you deal with long-distance relationships.

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How To Sustain A Long-Distance Relationship

So, how can you stay emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship? If you want to survive a long-distance relationship for a long period of time, consider the following tips:

1. Just Be Yourself

In order to be yourself, you just need to know who you are, your beliefs, values and preferences.

We all know that a relationship is a union of two people or two individuals.

You chose a partner because there is something special about him/her. And that is why you want to be part of their life.

There are factors that would define your personality. For instance, your values, beliefs, experiences, how you treat others and how you deal with long-distance relationship problems.

And these are the things that would make you unique and special.

When we have a partner, we tend to forget who we are and the things we definitely want. And so, the relationship becomes boring after some time.

In fact, in the first few months, you learn to know each other. And for the rest of the relationship, you actually think that there is nothing else to learn.

And your partner also thinks the same. So, once neither of you develops, the relationship will not either. This would encourage personal growth and would make the relationship a lot more exciting.

2. Discover What’s Important For Both Of You

Since we are all unique, we also have our own certain preferences.

Those things that may be important to us might not be to others.

You should go a long way to let your partner know what is important to you and consider what is also important to them.

Don’t expect your partner to guess the things you want and how you want them. Just tell them.

You could try the following:

  • Create a list of the things that you want in a relationship.
  • Rank its importance.
  • At the top are those things that you want, no matter what.
  • And at the bottom are those aspects that you are fine to be flexible about.

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3. Make a Meaningful Connection with your Partner

Go beyond what is possible by imagining a hug just by chatting

We might have an illusion that we already know almost everything about our partner after some time together which leads to empty conversations regarding our daily activities.

Well, they are empty since they don’t create a meaningful connection.

So, it’s hard for us to express how we feel, and we don’t have the vocabulary for it.

However, without sharing, emotional connection is hard to achieve, especially during a long-distance relationship.

That is why the next time you talk to your partner you should ask them about how they are feeling at that very moment. If you hear something bad, ok, etc., it may be a sign that your partner does not know how to express their feelings.

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4. Make plans Together

To have a plan is very simple.

Well, anyone could make a plan by compromising.

However, how do you make a plan wherein the needs of one another are met?

Once you are alone in a long-distance relationship, you might assess the situation in your head. You should decide what is possible and what is not before you talk to your partner.

Simply try the following tips:

  • You can make a list of your needs, feelings, and the things you want. Share this list with your partner the next time you discuss your relationship. And take time to hear the other half too. If there is a need to have the best fleshlight for him, then you should consider this as his preference too.
  • Take notes of what they want and the things important to them too. And finally, look at both the notes together and weigh what you want compared to what is possible. 

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5. Decide on How Often You Speak

One of the main ways of communication while in a long-distance relationship is talking.

It is also important to come up with an agreement with the partner on how often you would speak with one another.

Talking about everything through communication

You might want to speak about 10 times a week, while your partner might feel than thrice a week is a bit plenty.

In doing so, you might look like a needy partner and your partner might think that they don’t care about you.

So, to avoid misunderstanding, you must lay both your preferences on the table and find a mutually acceptable solution.

And this is a piece of long-distance relationship advice that you should bear in mind. Also, learn how to improve communication in your relationship.

6. Agree on How Often to See Each Other

Another way to sustain a long distance relationship is to agree on how often you’re going to be seeing or meeting each other. Physical touch is considered a basic human need which is very important to us. But, importance varies from one person to another.

Physical intimacy offers reassurance while you are still a couple.

You might need this reassurance every single day. However, it may still be okay for you to be intimate like once a week.

Once this is the case, it is normal for you to expect to feel distant from your partner once you don’t get to touch them for about more than a week.

7. Create a Plan When You Are Apart

Sometimes, it could be very fulfilling to see each other after some time. In fact, you are looking forward to seeing him/her after a long time.

The more you focus on waiting, the more you would be reminding yourself that you can’t have what you want. And you will feel like life isn’t enough making this the first step to turning the LDR into survival.

Indeed, this would give you a couple of benefits like you would be on track with the personal development and by sharing the plan and keeping them updated with the progress, the partner would be part of it.

Some long-distance relationship quotes could help you realize the importance of having you and your partner in such a setup.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it!

Those are some of the best tips that you can surely try and apply if you want to know how to have a long-distance relationship without too many worries and problems.

To bring depth to your personality, know your feelings, preferences and needs. And sharing them with your partner would help create a meaningful connection. This will definitely bring understanding to this kind of relationship!

Do you have other ways to survive a long-distance relationship? Share it with us in the comment box below.


7 Tips on how to sustain a long-distance relationship
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