13 Relationship Goals To Target As A couple
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13 Relationship Goals To Target As A couple

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What is the ultimate goal for any relationship?

Some people believe that it is to stay together forever, while others think it is to make their partner happy.

What if the answer is both?

The secret of success in achieving any of the relationship goals is that the two of you share and want to achieve it together.

So, here are 13 quick goals you can target to achieve in a relationship that will make your life complete.

Goals for Relationships

What are relationship goals?

“Relationship goals characterize various actions, or couples themselves, that display a depth of connection someone wants in their own love life.” Dictionary.

Relationship Goals To Target

1. Be a Good Friend

Set out to be a good friend first. 

Be there for your partner. Be there when they need support and guidance. Offer to listen, and be their shoulder to cry on. 

If they need you to be their sounding board, be that.

That’s exactly how a good partner should be. 

The ones who know the details of your day, and have a spot for you on their mind at the end of the day.

2. Appreciate your partner

Having fun together and sharing every moment, both the good and bad. 

Appreciate your partner for everything they do and are. Smile when they get home from work, tell them you love them, and have fun together.

When you are together, you have to remember that your partner is the most amazing person you have ever met. The same goes for you. When you can take time to appreciate what you have in your relationship, it makes it special.

3. Value yourself

Value yourself by saying no to things that don’t serve your best interest. Do not compromise or ask your partner to compromise for you. Make your own decisions for both of you and be proud of it.

Furthermore, try to express your opinions. It’s not easy to openly speak about your opinion and how you feel about an issue when the other person has a different opinion. So share what you are thinking and what’s your honest opinion.

You and your opinions matter equally as much as they do.

4. Be honest with each other

No one knows a person’s true feelings like their partner. It is only when you let them know how you feel that they will know how you feel. Most of us are too scared to share our true feelings in fear of making the other person feel awkward, so we leave it up to fate.

Being honest with each other shows your partner that you have respect for them and their boundaries, and you care about their emotions. 

It will also help you grow and develop as a couple.

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5. Be a great listener

Relationship goals may differ from person to person. But there’s one common goal for all of them, and it is to be a great listener.

Instead of looking for an opportunity to tell them what they did wrong or what you don’t like about them. Ask them how they feel about you, and listen to their reply.

Be a good listener and show appreciation for what they do for you.

These are the conversations that your partner will want you to have with them. They will need your support and understanding rather than a badmouthing or accusatory tone.

When you listen well, you create the right environment for your partner to be their true self. This way, you’ll get to know them better and help them achieve their own goals and ambitions.

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6. Make them feel special

Flirt with your partner as it keeps the spark of a relationship alive. The relationship never gets old and feels fresh forever.

It doesn’t matter how you do it: like complimenting their outfit or giving them a quick kiss on the cheek. Flirting is a positive sign that you care for them. 

Making your partner feel special is one of the best ways to make them feel like they are the most important person in the world to you.

After all, this is their biggest accomplishment.

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7. Enjoy a Lot!

If you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you need to laugh. Not just at regular things, but also at the weirdest of moments.

Laughing together encourages communication, and the more you laugh, the closer you become.

It’s a happy day when both of you pitch in equally. Along with being spontaneous, enjoy each other’s company.

It’s not every day that you find someone who makes you feel special.

Go out, have fun and be silly as you have fun!

8. Be forgiving

Some people feel that forgiving their partner is a waste of time.

They can’t understand why someone would come back after losing everything. But don’t you think that it’s easier to forgive than to do anything else?

Being able to forgive is the key to achieving many relationship goals. 

Learn to be very forgiving because you will be helping your partner to move on with his or her life.

9. Embrace each other

You must love and accept your partner unconditionally. It is good to laugh, be patient and make yourself comfortable with them. Being a loving and understanding person is something that all relationship goals are made for.

10. Have a healthy sex life

Having a healthy sex life is important. 

Many couples delay their sexual activity because they have been busy doing different things. 

A healthy sex life helps in emotional intimacy, while it aids in keeping your relationship fresh and vibrant.

11. Make dates, a routine

Couple on a Date

Date nights are often missed out when you’re in a relationship, but they can make all the difference.

They are a lot of couples who are struggling to figure out how to stay committed to their partners. This is often due to various relationship stressors like feeling pressured by partners, boredom, or lack of excitement in a relationship.

It’s important to remember that these things are all temporary, and they will resolve if you work through them and get rid of them.

One way to get out of this dead-end and create a sustainable future with your partner is to make date night, a regular event.

Plan regular date nights for a few weeks and make a point of taking your partner out to dinner. Else,  you could schedule a movie night and surprise your partner with a romantic, thoughtful gift.

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12. Mutual understanding

The secret of a happy relationship is mutual understanding and compromise. 

You won’t be able to figure out what’s best for you or your partner if you don’t talk about it.

So, discuss how you are feeling about various things and come to a mutual understanding. 

BONUS TIP: Make sure to avoid the blame game.

13. Emotional support for each other

It’s the worst feeling to be in a relationship with someone that makes you feel alone. Not only is it confusing, but it is really sad because you can only express yourself once the person knows what you are going through.

Often, we spend a lot of energy maintaining our self-interest. When we feel alone or abandoned, our first instinct is to go looking for our comfort zone, away from the person who was meant to fill us up and support us.

But sometimes, what we need is someone else to just be there for us without holding back. 

Be someone’s sun, moon, and stars.


Relationships don’t need to be based on monogamy or exclusivity to have a great future. It is the ability to enjoy being with each other, support each other, help each other grow, and make you happy. These are what matter the most.

So, as you can see, relationships don’t have to be complicated.

They’re great because of the rewards that come along with them, like love, joy, and excitement that you feel when you find someone you truly connect with, in every single way.

Don’t wait until the end of the year or a specific anniversary date to get started on these relationship goals. Choose an ideal date and make a small time frame for your goals.

You will be surprised at the different heights you can achieve together with your relationship goals.

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