Major Qualities of an Ideal Relationship
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Major Qualities of an Ideal Relationship

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How can I find an ideal partner? Does an ideal relationship exist? If you are looking for the answers to these questions and more, read on! Here you’ll find all you need to know!


Regardless of gender and age, we all want an ideal partner. But does it really exist? Can we really find an ideal woman or man for a relationship? 

Almost all people feel confused when they try to answer these questions since today we see too much consumerism in a couplehood.

It means that relations are often based on some conditions. For instance, if his/her needs are fulfilled, he/she stays with a partner, but if not, they look for better “options”.

When partners have some problems, instead of trying to solve them, people just begin to look for another partner.

Under certain conditions, a breakup can be the right decision, but, obviously, not always! 

Psychologists state that we can build strong, lifelong couplehood. The keyword here is “build”, it means that you and your partner need to have a certain set of personal characteristics/qualities and be ready for this. 

So, how does the ideal partner looks like? 

#1. He/She Has Grown Up 

A mature person has overcome his/her childhood traumas and losses.

He/she made the psychological shift from girl to woman or boy to man and developed a strong sense of independence and autonomy.

Such a person is emotionally emancipated from his/her family of origin and is more available to the partner and new family he/she has created. 

Grown-up evolved as a person and don’t look for someone to compensate for weaknesses and shortcomings or complete his/her incompleteness.

Full-grown is looking for someone like himself/herself – another mature individual with qualities similar to his/her, with whom he/she can share life in a compatible fashion.

Matureness and self-reliance in both partners are keys to an ideal family relationship. 

#2. He/She Is Loving And Sexually Responsive 

The ideal partner is affectionate, understanding, and responsive on all levels: physical, emotional, and verbal.

He/she can easily demonstrate the feelings of tenderness and warmth.

He/she is open, enjoys closeness in being sexual, and can freely give & accept affection and pleasure during lovemaking. 

#3. He/she Is On The Up And Up

An ideal relationship is based on honesty.

Honesty develops trust between partners. Dishonesty and deception are destructive, they severely affect a close relationship between two people.

Even in such tickle and painful situations as adultery, the blatant deceit involved is usually more hurtful than the infidelity itself.

An ideal partner tries hard to live a life of integrity without any discrepancies between words and actions.

It addresses all spheres of life and all levels of communication, verbal and non-verbal. 

#4. He/she Is Respectful To Others 

The right partner values the interests of other people.

He/she is supportive and always tries to understand other’s wants and feelings and put them on an equal basis with his/her own.

An ideal partner will treat you with respect and sensitivity; he/she won’t control you with manipulative or threatening behavior.

He/she is respectful of personal boundaries even staying close emotionally and physically.  

That’s how an ideal partner looks like.

However, you hardly attract such an individual if you don’t have the mentioned above qualities yourself.

Raise yourself, make friends with yourself, understand yourself, set goals, be respectful to other people and their personal boundaries, be open to something new, this way you’ll have a much happier life and meet your dream-mate.  

Two lovers

  An Ideal Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Let’s assume you’ve already met your dream-mate. What’s next?

How to build and maintain an ideal relationship?

There are some key aspects you should consider. You’ll never and ever create a healthy, lifelong couplehood without the following:

Individuality and boundaries – to create a strong couplehood, you obviously need to share each other’s values, interests, and daily styles of living since similarities create a foundation for an ideal relationship.

But individual differences must be still respected and valued. Furthermore, an ideal relationship for a man and woman means that each partner is given the freedom to live his/her own life in terms of hobbies, professional goals, and friendships.  

Communication – a couple must communicate respectfully and honestly, especially about important but difficult things.

However, it’s something that doesn’t come automatically, almost all of us have to learn this. It’s quite challenging, but healthy communication is the lifeblood of relationships.    

Trust – it’s a solid foundation to build emotional intimacy.

Without trust, the relationship will be insubstantial and prone to stress and uncertainty. Here is how to develop trust in a relationship.

Patience – if you are impatient with each other, you can create a dynamic of resentment and bean-counting.

You’ll mentally rack up the offenses that the other mate has committed. It creates an unhealthy atmosphere in your relations.  

Affection and interest to each other – physical gestures of affection (comforting touch, hugs, kisses) keep partners feeling secure within the relationship.  

Empathy – this is vital for a long-term relationship.

Empathy means that you strive to understand your partner’s perspective, even when you don’t agree with him/her.

Your partner’s pain must spur you to do your best to help him/her. And, of course, you feel happy about your mate’s triumph.  So, it is necessary to pratice empathy in a relationship

Healthy conflict resolution – there is no couple on Earth who have never had problems or differences of opinion.

However, if they’ve learned to talk about their problems through with respect, understanding, and empathy, their relationship can be considered as ideal. 

The bottom line? An ideal relationship does exist! But that’s a result of work, not a happy coincidence. We hope you’ll find your ideal partner and build an ideal relationship for you both!

If you know any tricks on how to create a healthily, long-term relationship, share them with us in the comment section! We’ll appreciate it!

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