10 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You
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10 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Like You

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How do you know a guy doesn’t like you? Are there signs that he’s not interested?

I know there is this guy you’re crushing on. Probably you can’t stop thinking about him but you’re not sure if he likes you or not. We all have crushes every day. Most times, they like us back, and sometimes, they don’t. Today, I will be sharing with you, 10 signs a guy doesn’t like you. If you ever notice any of these, just let him go. He’s not interested.

Signs He Doesn’t Like You

1. He doesn’t make eye contact with you

If you’ve never caught him gazing at you, it’s a sign he doesn’t like you. When a guy likes you, he makes eye contact with you. You will notice him looking at you from afar. When you catch his eyes, he quickly looks away. But if he doesn’t act this way, it’s a sign he doesn’t like you.

2. He doesn’t give you his attention

Everyone knows that one thing a guy does when he like you is to pay more attention to you. He tries to make you happy or even does anything to make you notice him. But if he doesn’t seem to pay attention to you, especially when you are around him, nor even try to talk to you, it’s a sign he doesn’t like you. He spends more time with other girls than with you.

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3. He doesn’t laugh at your jokes

Even an unfunny joke can make a guy laugh if he likes you, but when he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t pay attention to your words nor laugh at your jokes.

4. He doesn’t start a conversation with you

Are you the only one initiating a conversation with him but he doesn’t make any efforts to reach out to you? It’s an obvious sign he’s not interested. When a guy is interested, he likes talking to you and will always start a conversation with you, both online and physically.

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5. He doesn’t feel jealous when he sees you with another guy

It is natural for a man to feel jealous whenever he sees the girl he likes with another guy. But if your guy crush doesn’t care if you are dating another guy, it’s a sign he doesn’t like you.

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6. He flirts with other girls in your presence

A guy who likes you will avoid making you jealous by not flirting with another guy in your presence. But when a man doesn’t have feelings for you, he flirts with other guys even when you are around. He’s not doing that to make you jealous. He doesn’t just like you. Therefore, he has the freedom to talk to any girl he likes.

7. He treats you the same way he treats others

You don’t seem to notice any difference between you and the other girls in his life. The way he treats you is the same way he treats them. It’s a sign he doesn’t have any feelings for you.

8. He’s not interested in knowing anything about you

If a guy doesn’t like you, he will never make a move nor get excited to know you more. He doesn’t ask you questions about yourself, your hobbies, or even tell you he likes you.

9. He tells you about other girls

Does he often seek your advice about his relationship or even tell you about one of your friends he likes? Is very obvious he doesn’t have feelings for you. When a guy likes you, he will never discuss other girls with you to avoid losing you.

10. You know it

Apart from the above signs, you already know that this guy doesn’t like you. You might have noticed other signs like, he lies to you, he cheats, and doesn’t respect you (if he’s already your boyfriend but you’re trying to identify the signs he doesn’t like you). Trust your guts. He doesn’t like you.


10 Obvious signs he doesn't like you
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