Is Being On A Dating Site Cheating?
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Is Being On A Dating Site Cheating?

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Is being on a dating site cheating, especially when you are in a relationship? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Online dating has become one of the fastest ways to find love on the internet. It doesn’t take up to an hour. All you need is to create a dating profile and get matched with your potential partner. But what if you are now in a relationship, is going on a dating site cheating?

Before we proceed further, I would like to remind you that infidelity is not all about having physical affairs. Emotional cheating is also a form of infidelity. In other words, they are different types of cheating.

You may not be having physical affairs, but emotionally, you are cheating on your partner. For instance, deleting some text messages or phone contacts you wouldn’t want your partner to know anything about. It is a sign you are cheating on your partner, emotionally.

Is being on a dating site cheating?

It all depends on the type of relationship you are in. If you are in an open relationship, then being on a dating site is not cheating because an open relationship allows you to have more than one romantic partner at a time. But if you are in a committed relationship, chatting, matching, or even secretly meeting your match is considered cheating.

This type of cheating is emotional infidelity because you may not have the interest in meeting those people in person, but you are actively flirting with them.

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What to do when you discover that your partner is on a dating app

The first thing you should do when you discover that your partner has a dating profile is to figure out why they decided to create one.

Do not conclude that they are cheating on you yet. Rather, you should ask them first.

Does it mean they are bored of the relationship, or that they are searching for a new person to replace you? Honest communication will help you figure it out.

If they are browsing online dating sites just to distract themselves, you should address the issue if you are not comfortable with that.


Everyone in a relationship wants to know if going on a dating website is cheating? But why would you create a dating profile, whereas you have already found a potential partner?

Does it mean you are not satisfied with your relationship? Or that you just want to meet new people, flirt with them in order to help you relieve yourself from the stress you are experiencing in your relationship.

No matter what your reasons are, hiding these activities from your partner is considered cheating.

In conclusion, if you think your partner will never be happy to discover that you are on a dating site, but you are secretly chatting, matching, and flirting with others, then, you are cheating on him or her.

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