Is Online Dating Worth It? (Latest Research About Internet Dating)
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Is Online Dating Worth It? (Latest Research About Internet Dating)

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Online dating is gradually taking the place of traditional ways of dating. People now depend on the internet to find love and meet their soulmates. But is online dating worth it?

Today, I’m going to share some facts that will help you to know whether you should pay for online dating services or not. We are not the ones to choose for you. You should be able to make your choice after reading our findings on online relationships, whether they still work or not.

Long ago, I decided to open a dating profile in one of the most popular dating sites in the US. After the profile creation, I was matched with my so-called compatible partner. But I later deleted my account for some personal reasons I wouldn’t like to discuss here.

Internet dating has become so vast that people are gradually turning away from the traditional and expensive strategies of meeting people for a date in bars and restaurants. Even research proves that meeting a significant other online has replaced meeting through friends. Everyone can now meet the love of their life from the comfort of their desk with the help of Dating Apps.

I have heard some stories of couples who met each other through dating sites. And I have equally seen people who witnessed the bad sides of internet dating. In other words, online dating is effective for some people, and a waste of time for others. But does online dating work? Read on to discover.

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What is the success rate of online dating?

The Survey conducted by Pew Research proves that ” 12% of Americans who have used dating Apps says they have been in a committed relationship with or got married to someone they met through a dating site. 57% said they have had a positive experience with dating platforms.”

Pros and Cons of online dating

Pros of internet dating:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to know a potential date before meeting in person.
  2.  Online dating platform can help you develop your communication skills
  3. It is the best platform for shy people who hardly express themselves in words
  4. You can meet people who share the same ideology or hobbies as you
  5. You can date different romantic partners than face-to-face dating
  6. Online dating minimizes the expenses associated with face-to-face dating.

Cons of internet dating:

  1. The profile can be misleading
  2. You are at risk of being killed or raped when you finally meet in person.
  3. You may end up dating the wrong person as most sites focus on physical attraction
  4. Disappointment especially when you meet a person different from who you have been chatting with.
  5. Some fake profiles use online dating to scam romantic partners.

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Is online dating worth it?

Yes, online dating worth it. Although it depends on your motive for going into internet dating. If you are clear with your intentions and communicate what you want, you can find the right person for you online.

If your aim is to find love, I have heard stories of people who met their ideal partners online, and it can equally work for you. But if you are not sure of what you want, it may be a waste of time for you.

What of men? Is online dating worth it for guys?

Guys are not exceptional when it comes to whether online dating works for them or not. Most men met their wives with the help of dating platforms. So, every guy has the ability to meet the type of girl he wants online if he really knows what he’s looking for in the internet dating services.


Dating sites like E-harmony, Elitesingles, Zoosk, Okcupid, Plenty of fish, Seeking arrangement, Grindr, etc. are all dating sites people sign up for every day, to find love and relationships online.

In all these, online dating will only be relevant to you if you really know what you are looking for. If your aim is to meet a romantic partner for a long-term relationship, there are people out there for the same reasons.

If you are equally looking for hookups, you can also find people who have the same interest as you. All that matters is to know what you are looking for and be careful who you are meeting as both of you are strangers. Anything can happen.

In summary, is online dating worth it? Yes! It’s worth paying for only if you know what you want out of it. So, online dating is not all about looks. It’s worth being on a dating app. You can give it a try. Internet dating is not for losers.

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