How To Get A Girl’s Attention Over Text
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How To Get A Girl’s Attention Over Text

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Have you been trying to grab her attention online but to no avail? Relax. Today, I’m going to show you how to get a girl’s attention over text.

Chatting with a woman and making her like you doesn’t take much. A simple technique I will share with you in this post will show you how to text a girl and get her interested. So, if you have been trying to make her notice you through text, this article is for you.

It takes more than “Hello” to get a woman’s attention online. There are hundreds of guys chatting with this same girl. But how do you make your text stand out from other ones she has been receiving?

First, it is important to know how to start a conversation with a girl before you talk about attracting her. This will even make it easier for you to get her phone number without asking. 

Below are the ways to get a lady’s attention online. Follow these steps if you are trying to get a girl’s attention through text.

How to get a girl’s attention over text

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1. Start with a simple message

Sending her more than one text at a time will not attract her. You need to start with a simple text like “Hello, pretty.” followed by your name if you want to get her attention. But don’t forget to introduce yourself first before asking her questions. I see a lot of guys make this mistake while starting a conversation with a girl over text. So, try to avoid it.

If she didn’t reply immediately you texted her, wait for some time before sending her another message. Preferably 1 hour or more after you didn’t hear from her.

Most guys send multiple texts some minutes after she stopped replying. This will make her think you are desperate for her, and start to ignore your texts.

You will bear me witness if you have done this before (texting her many times after some minutes of waiting for her to reply). Most times, she will just open your texts without replying. It is a sign she’s beginning to sense you are desperate to chat with her.

Most girls will like to test your patience. So, how you react when she fails to reply matters if you really want to get her attention.

A girl chatting and smiling

2. Compliment her profile

The first way to get a girl to notice you is to compliment her the right way. For instance, tell her you like her profile and will steal it someday. Starting this way not only shows you have good humor but will also make her develop an interest in chatting with you.

For me, I normally say something like ” There’s one thing in your profile you will dash me” She will reply and say “What?

Then I will tell her that I like her nose and would like her to dash me the nose. The next thing that will happen is, she will burst into laughter.

You will become irresistible to girls if you can chat with them the way I illustrated above. Girls love men who are charming. Not guys who are boring over text.

3. Discuss important things

After she has finally replied to your texts, what do you tell her? Anyway, is left for you. You know what you want. But don’t forget that, not every girl likes irrelevant text messages.

So, consider texting her something important. Don’t just jump into telling her how you feel about her. This is not the right time to say that.

You can start by asking her something about herself. Maybe her carrier or work, her day, or any interesting thing that happened on the news. As time goes on, when you have become friends, you can now tell her how you feel about her.

For example, I normally use this simple trick “Have I told you that I’m crushing on you?

Most girls will say ‘No’ whereas some will say ‘You just said it now’ These 3 steps are the easiest ways to get a girl’s attention over text, even if you are trying to chat with her on Facebook.


Grabbing a girl’s attention in a chat is possible if you know how to start a conversation with a girl, and text her the right messages. But with the help of the 3 steps I mentioned above, you can get any lady’s attention while chatting with her.

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