100 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery
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100 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

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Do you want to know yourself better? Then you need to ask yourself questions about yourself. To make this easier for you I have compiled a list of 100 journal prompts for self-discovery to help you discover who you are.

Why journal for self-discovery?

Journaling for self-awareness helps you get to know yourself better. It helps you to discover your strengths and weaknesses, your values and dislikes, and other important things that concern your life.

If you are starting a journal to get to know yourself better, here are a few journal prompts to include in your self-discovery journal writings.

100 Journal prompts for self discovery

Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

1. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

2. What are you passionate about?

3. What are the things you are good at?

4. What are the things you find difficult to do?

5. What do you love about yourself?

6. What do you hate about yourself?

7. What are the secrets no one knows about you?

8. What type of personality do you have?

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9. How do you get angry?

10. What is your view about religion?

11. When money comes into your hand, what is the first thing you often do with it?

12. What are the things that make you feel less confident in yourself?

13. What are your fears in life?

14. What is your opinion about life?

15. How much do you love yourself?

16. Do you find it hard to trust people and why?

18. What are the past mistakes I need to correct?

19. Are there things you cannot forgive yourself for and what are they?

20. What are the good habits you have formed so far?

21. What are the bad habits you need to break?

22. Who is your best friend and why?

23. Who do you trust most and why?

24. How do you feel or what do you do when you fall in love?

25. What are your opinions about yourself?

26. What are your future plans?

27. What is the source of your inspiration?

28. How do you stay motivated when you lose focus?

29. Are you a people pleaser and what makes you think so?

30. What are your top goals in life?

31. What do you find irritating in people?

32. What makes you feel powerful?

33. Do you have nicknames and what are they?

34. What is your zodiac sign?

35. What food do you enjoy eating?

36. How do you want your future to look like?

37. Do you have ego problems and why do you think so?

38. What makes you feel happy?

39. What are your life worries?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

40. Do you have hobbies and what are they?

41. Who are you in five sentences?

42. What are the 20 things you know about yourself?

43. Who do you tell your secrets to?

44. How many hours do you sleep at night?

45. What are you struggling with right now?

46. How do you feel about your body?

47. What are your life-changing moments?

48. What are your favorite quotes?

49. What are the things you are grateful for?

50. Are there changes that occurred in your life recently and what are they?

51. Who are the people you respect so much and why?

52. What are the possible ways you can find yourself again when you are depressed?

53. Tea or coffee?

54. What do you want in a life partner?

55. What is your dream job or career?

56. What are your favorite colors?

57. What makes you high?

58. What turns you on?

59. What are the things you are allergic to?

60. What was your childhood experience like?

61. What are your priorities in life?

62. Do you have the ability to learn things faster?

63. How do you learn? Through observation or experience?

64. How good are you at calculations?

65. What are or were your favorite subjects or courses in school?

66. Do you often procrastinate?

67. How do you beat procrastination and laziness?

68. What do you do with your free time?

69. Are you social in nature or not?

70. Can you confidently speak in the public?

71. What are your fears about life?

72. What are your fears about love and marriage?

73. If you have had a heartbreak before, how did you heal?

74. What are your favorite quotes about a breakup?

75. Are you introverted or extroverted?

76. Write about the best places you have visited and why you love them

77. Write about your goals and how you plan to achieve them

78. What are your favorite songs and why?

79. Who are your best actors and why?

80. What are the best books you have read so far?

81. Write about how you intend to actualize your future dreams or plans

82. Who are the people you hate and why?

83. What is the first thing you do early in the morning?

84. Write about your most embarrassing moments

85. What are the things you can’t tell people about yourself

86. What are the areas of your life that need to be improved?

87. What are your favorite movie shows and why?

88. How many people have you crushed on and who are there? and where did you meet them?

89. If you have found love, how and where did it happen?

90. What makes you cry?

91. What makes you smile?

92. What are the worst character or traits you have?

93. What do people often complain about you?

94. How does your body system work?

95. Write down the foods or fruits you don’t like eating

96. Write down the names of family members and friends you don’t like visiting and why.

97. How old were you when you started reading?

98. What are the life lessons you’ve learned so far?

99. How do you deal with rejection?

100. Why do you want to discover yourself?

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