100 Good Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better
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100 Good Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

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If you want to really get to know yourself better, ask yourself these 100 questions about yourself.

Asking yourself questions about life, your purpose, your passion, etc. will help you discover who you really are. Before I jump to the questions you should answer about yourself to discover your true self, why is it necessary to ask these questions?

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Why is it important to ask yourself questions?

Asking yourself questions can help in your personal growth journey. It helps you discover who you are and find clarity of purpose in life. Whether you are asking these questions in the form of self-discovery journal prompts, here are a few questions to ask yourself to discover who you are.

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Good Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better

To know your fears

1. What do I fear most?

2. How do I feel when I meet a stranger?

3. Do I watch horror movies at night?

4. Can I sleep alone in the room?

5. How often do I live my light on to sleep?

6. How good am I at speaking in public?

7. Am I a shy person?

8. Do I find it difficult to talk to someone I like?

9. Which animal do I fear most and why?

10. Can I walk alone at night?

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To discover your emotion

11. How do I react to rejection?

12. What annoys me most?

13. How do I feel when I like someone?

14. How do I feel about myself? (To know if you have self-confidence)

15. What turns me on and off in people?

16. What makes me happy when I’m angry?

17. Am I introverted or extroverted?

18. Do I like pleasing others while I displease myself?

19. What makes me jealous?

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Questions to know yourself in a relationship

20. How do I want to be treated by my partner?

21. Do I want a child and why?

22. What do I want in a life partner?

23. What wires my sexual desire?

24. Am I satisfied with my relationship and why?

25. How do I feel about infidelity, dishonesty, and trust?

26. What is my love language?

27. How easily do I trust people?

28. Do I often manipulate my partner to get what I want?

29. What are my fears in a relationship?

30. What is communication to me?

31. What are my shortcomings in a relationship?

32. Do I find it hard to apologize when I’m wrong? (To help you know if you have pride in yourself)

33. What is sex to me and how often do I want it?

34. What makes me jealous in a relationship?

35. How much attention do I want from my partner? And do I love public displays of affection?

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To get to know your past

36. Who are my grandparents?

37. What do people think about my family?

38. What happened the day I was born?

39. What are the untold stories about my birth?

40. Are there mistakes I have made in the past that are still haunting me?

41. Which past events still bother me?

42. Are there things I’m sorry for?

43. How did I live my life in the past?

44. How much of my childhood experiences can I recall and what are they?

45. How happy are you with your past, and why?

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To get to know your future

46. What do I think about my future?

47. Where do I think I will be 5 years from now?

48. What is my greatest fear about the future?

49. How good am I at building meaningful relationships?

50. How much time or resources do I invest in others?

51. How good am I at setting goals and life planning?

52. What do I often focus my mind on?

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To know your financial self-discipline

53. What do I do when I can get something I want?

54. How often do I borrow from others?

55. What do I often spend my money on?

56. Do I have any investment at hand?

57. How much of my income do I save?

58. What is my daily budget?

59. How often do I shop?

60. What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I receive money?

61. What is my belief about money?

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General questions to get to know yourself better

62. Which of these do I love most, movie or music?

63. What am I passionate about (to help you discover your hobbies)

64. What distracts me most?

65. How do I find motivation?

66. What are the 10 things I’m good at?

67. How often do I accept other people’s opinions or advice?

68. What keeps me awake at night?

69. How spiritual am I?

70. What are my beliefs about spirituality?

71. What is my favorite food?

72. What activities do I love most?

73. Do I like pets?

74. Who is my celebrity crush?

75. How close am I to my parents?

76. What is my favorite game?

77. What color of clothes do I love most?

78. What is my favorite hairstyle?

79. How social am I?

80. Do I have a secret no one knows about and what are they?

81. Do I love cooking?

82. Are there things I’m addicted to and what are they?

83. What do I love about myself?

84. What do I hate about myself?

85. What decreases my confidence, the most?

86. What are my strengths?

87. What is my biggest failure in life?

88. What is the biggest thing I have ever achieved in life?

89. What part of my body am I so proud of?

90. What am I grateful for?

91. What makes me cry?

92. How lazy am I?

93. What do I think about others?

94. Am I good at telling stories?

95. Do I have the ability to make people laugh?

96. What is my zodiac sign?

97. What do I love about life?

98. What do I want most but can’t get?

99. Am I an easy-going person?

100. Who is my best friend and why?


100 Good Questions To Get To Know Yourself Better
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