33 Daily Journal Prompts For Mental Health
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33 Daily Journal Prompts For Mental Health

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Journaling for mental health is among the best medications you can give yourself. But how do you get started with daily journal prompts for your mental health?

Starting a journal and sticking to it is good for your mental health. If you are wondering what to write in a journal for mental health, I have compiled a list of examples of bullet journals that will help your mental health.

Is keeping a journal good for mental health?

Journaling can help your mental health as it reduces stress and anxiety. It is a good mechanism for managing stress, depression, and anxiety. These feelings can negatively affect your mental health if they’re not kept in check.

Do you want to know how to start a mental health journal? Here are examples of what to write in a mental health journal.

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Daily Journal Prompts For Mental Health

1. What stresses you a lot?

2. What is the best way you can manage stress?

3. What often makes you feel sad?

4. What can you do to avoid feeling depressed or sad?

5. What is the best self-care strategy you have learned so far?

6. What are toxic habits you need to eliminate in your life?

7. Are there foods you need to stop eating and what are they?

8. What are the worst things you have ever done to yourself?

9. What are my goals for today, this week, or this month?

10. What motivates me even in the midst of difficulties and challenges?

11. What helps me feel better when I’m sick, lonely, and depressed

12. What are the worst things I don’t like people doing to me?

13. What are my biggest fear in life?

14. Have I handled a traumatic experience before and how was I able to overcome it?

15. What worries me most?

16. What keeps me happy?

17. What are the best ways to cheer me up when I’m depressed?

18. What often boosts my confidence?

19. How many people have I shown kindness this week?

20. What makes me angry?

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Free journal prompts for mental health

21. What is the best advice I have ever received about a breakup?

22. How do I expect to be loved by my partner?

23. What makes me feel lonely?

24. What is the hardest emotion I find difficult to control?

25. How much time and attention do I give to myself?

26. What are my opinions about myself?

27. Am I a shy person?

28. What often makes me feel ashamed?

29. What are the bitter truths no one knows about me?

30. What are the mistakes I have made in the past that are still hurting me?

31. What are the little things I can do daily to improve my life?

32. How often do I express gratitude?

33. How often do I feel hurt by others and how do I avoid it?


33 best journal prompts for mental health
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