7 Ways To Turn Your Boyfriend On Over Text
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7 Ways To Turn Your Boyfriend On Over Text

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Want to know how to talk intimately with your boyfriend over text? Or how to tell your boyfriend you’re in the mood over text? Read on to discover how to turn your boyfriend on over text.

Turning a guy on over the phone is one thing every girl should learn to keep her boyfriend interested. Guys have things that turn them on and off. Your ability to identify those things that trigger your man’s sexual feelings will help you sustain your relationship.

Since last month, I have been receiving messages, telling me to write about ‘how to turn a guy on over text,’ and today, I have decided to do justice to that. Before we proceed to the various ways you can arouse your boyfriend over text, here are some flirty texts to send a guy to turn him on.

7 Ways To Turn Your Boyfriend On Over Text

How to talk intimately with your boyfriend over text

If you want to have an intimate conversation with your boyfriend over text, here are some tips that will help you connect with him, emotionally on a deeper level.

How to tell your boyfriend you’re in the mood over text

If you want your boyfriend to know that you are already in the mood, here are some ideas on how to get him in the mood over text.

How To Turn Your Boyfriend On Over Text

1. Dirty-talk with him

One main strategy that works when it comes to turning a guy on over text is to send him dirty text messages. For instance, ‘Do you feel cold, I can come over and warm you up.’ I want to feel that thing between your legs inside of me, can you kiss and cuddle me? I’m lying down, right beside you. There are other dirty text messages you can send to a guy to turn him on.

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2. Blow his mind with sexy compliments

Complimenting a guy the right way can also turn him on. You just need to identify those words he likes hearing from you. For example, call him those sexy pet names he loves to be called. There are things guys want to hear but won’t tell you. So, identify those compliments or nicknames that get him into the mood. These names can turn him on when you’re chatting online.

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3. Flirt with him over text

Flirting with a guy over text is another way to trigger his sexual feelings. If you’re not used to flirting, here is my previous post on how to flirt with a guy over text. One of the ways to flirt with him over text is to tease him, kiss him over text, and even romance him over text. These are flirty techniques that quickly turn guys on.

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4. Ask him dirty questions

Another way to turn on your boyfriend during texting is to ask him dirty questions. These questions will make him think of or imagine doing dirty things with you. And this will instantly get him in the mood.

5. Sex-chat him

Sex texting is another way to turn a guy on when texting him. If the both of you often engage in sexual talks over the phone or text, then sex-chat with him. But before you start, you need to activate his mood for sexual talks by sending him a few texts to see his reaction. If he responds positively, then he’s already in the mood to talk dirty. Continue by sending him sex suggestion text messages to turn him on.

6. Do not bulk text him

Sending a guy multiple texts at once is a big turn-off for guys. Reply to his texts on time but do not send him multiple texts at once, especially when he delays replying. This will make him interested.

7. Tell him you’re horny

When it comes to turning a guy on over the phone, your texts play the most important role. Guys are often attracted to what they see than what they hear. But that doesn’t mean they are not also attracted to words. Some texts can turn a guy on instantly. And one of them is telling him you’re horny, he should come over.

Final thought

Turning a man on is very simple if you’re smart in the way you text guys. Before I round this off, do you know how to start a conversation with a guy over text? The way you begin texting your boyfriend or crush will either turn them on or off. So, before you practice the above techniques, make sure you make your texts less boring. Here is my previous post about how to not be a dry texter.

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