20 Clear Signs He Is Not Proud Of You

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In relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional, the pride one has for another is a cornerstone for mutual respect and love. It’s a feeling that comes naturally when one values and appreciates someone else’s essence, achievements, and presence in their life. However, when this pride is missing, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and question one’s self-worth. Recognizing the signs he is not proud of you is pivotal in understanding the dynamics of your relationship and making informed decisions about your future. Here are ways to tell if a guy is proud of you or not.

Signs he is not proud of you

1. Lack of Support and Encouragement

When someone is proud of you, they become your cheerleader, offering support and encouragement at every turn. However, a lack of support can be a glaring sign that he is not proud of you. If he seems indifferent to your needs or is absent during important moments when you could use his encouragement, it speaks volumes about his feelings towards you. Additionally, if his support is inconsistent or comes with strings attached, it may suggest that his pride in you is conditional or altogether lacking.

Support isn’t just about being present; it’s also about being actively involved. If he doesn’t offer help or guidance when you’re undertaking a new challenge or doesn’t motivate you to pursue your goals and dreams, it’s a worrying indication. Supportive partners are invested in each other’s growth and success, while those who aren’t proud tend to detach themselves from their partner’s aspirations.

2. Avoidance of Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection (PDAs) are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be a sign of pride and affection. If he consistently avoids holding your hand, hugging, or kissing you in public, it could be a sign that he is not proud to be with you. This avoidance could stem from a desire not to be associated with you or from feelings of embarrassment. It’s important to consider the context and his comfort level with PDAs in general, but a complete absence could be a red flag.

3. Lack of Interest in Your Achievements

One of the most hurtful things can be when someone you care about shows apathy towards your achievements. If he rarely acknowledges your successes or seems disinterested when you share your victories, it could be a sign he is not proud of you. Pride in a partner’s achievements is often accompanied by enthusiasm and a desire to celebrate their successes as if they were his own.

Furthermore, if he downplays your achievements or shifts the conversation away from your accomplishments, it might be a defense mechanism to avoid admitting that he doesn’t share in your joy. A partner who is proud of you will not only show interest but also actively celebrate your achievements with you.

4. Dismissive or Critical Comments

Criticism can be constructive when it comes from a place of love and desire for your betterment. However, if his comments are consistently dismissive or unnecessarily critical, it could be a sign of a lack of pride. When he is not proud of you, he may belittle your efforts or fail to recognize the value in what you do. This behavior can chip away at your self-esteem and create a toxic environment where your achievements are overshadowed by his negativity.

Moreover, if his criticism doesn’t offer any solutions or ways to improve but merely focuses on tearing you down, it’s a strong indication of his lack of pride in you. A proud partner will offer constructive feedback that uplifts and encourages rather than diminishes your spirit.

5. Hiding Your Relationship from Others

When someone is proud of their relationship, they want to share their joy with the world. Conversely, if he is hiding your relationship from others, it’s a sign that he might not be proud to be with you. Whether it’s failing to mention you to his colleagues, not posting about you on social media, or keeping your relationship a secret, these behaviors suggest that he does not value the relationship enough to make it known.

Hiding a relationship can also be a protective measure to keep other romantic options open, which is a clear indication that he does not fully commit to or take pride in being with you. A relationship should not be kept in the shadows, and keeping it hidden is a lack of respect and pride in the partnership.

6. Lack of Introductions to Family and Friends

Meeting family and friends is a significant step in any relationship, symbolizing that the relationship is serious and valued. If he consistently avoids introducing you to his inner circle, it may signal that he is not proud to have you in his life. This avoidance can leave you feeling isolated and questioning where you stand in the relationship.

Moreover, if he meets your loved ones but doesn’t reciprocate, it shows a disparity in how much each of you values the relationship. Being proud of someone includes wanting to integrate them into all aspects of your life, including your social and familial circles.

9. Ignoring or Downplaying Your Accomplishments

A partner who is proud of you will acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, big or small. However, if he routinely ignores or downplays the things you achieve, it can be deeply demoralizing. This behavior might manifest in changing the subject quickly when you bring up an achievement or offering a lukewarm response that lacks genuine enthusiasm.

Downplaying your accomplishments is also a tactic to maintain a power dynamic in the relationship, where he feels superior. A lack of acknowledgment can be particularly painful when you’ve worked hard and expect your partner to be one of your primary sources of support and recognition.

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signs he is not proud of you

10. Making You Feel Inferior or Inadequate

A relationship should be a source of empowerment, not belittlement. If he frequently makes you feel inferior or inadequate, it’s a sign that he does not take pride in who you are or what you bring to the table. This can take the form of subtle jabs about your intelligence, appearance, or capabilities, or more overt comparisons to others that leave you feeling less than.

This kind of behavior is not only indicative of a lack of pride but also of respect. Feeling inferior can impact your self-confidence and the overall health of the relationship. A partner who is proud of you will lift you up, not bring you down.

11. Not Including You in Future Plans

When partners are proud of each other, they naturally envision a shared future together. If he makes plans for the future that do not include you, it’s a sign that he may not see the relationship as long-term or significant. This could be as simple as planning a vacation without considering your availability or as serious as making life decisions that affect both of you without your input.

Not being included in future plans suggests that he does not value your presence in his life enough to consider it in his long-term vision. A proud partner will ensure that you are a part of their future and that your mutual plans reflect a shared commitment.

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12. Avoiding Taking Pictures Together

In the age of social media, taking pictures together is often a way couples showcase their relationship. If he avoids taking pictures with you or doesn’t share them, it could be a sign that he is not proud to show you off as his partner. This avoidance can be disappointing, especially if he is otherwise active on social media and shares other aspects of his life.

The lack of shared photos can also be a sign that he wants to appear single or keep his options open, which is a clear indication of a lack of commitment and pride in the relationship. A partner who values you will want to capture and share memories with you.

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13. Not Defending or Standing Up for You

One of the most important aspects of a proud partner is their willingness to defend and stand up for you in challenging situations. If he fails to do so, it could be a sign that he does not value the relationship enough to protect it. This could be in the face of criticism from others, during disagreements, or when you’re not around to defend yourself.

Failing to defend you might also indicate that he agrees with the criticisms or does not see the point in supporting you, which is not the behavior of someone who is proud of their partner. A supportive partner will be your advocate, regardless of the circumstances.

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14. Belittling or Mocking Your Aspirations

Dreams and aspirations are deeply personal, and a proud partner will honor and encourage them. If he belittles or mocks your aspirations, it’s a sign that he does not respect or take pride in your ambitions. This behavior can be incredibly hurtful and may discourage you from pursuing your goals.

Also, mocking your aspirations can be a way for him to maintain control and keep you from achieving success that might outshine his own. A partner who is proud of you will be your biggest fan, not your critic when it comes to your dreams.

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15. Showing Off Other People Instead of You

It’s natural to take pride in the accomplishments of friends and family, but if he consistently shows off other people and neglects to mention you, it might be a sign of a deeper issue. When he praises others in your presence but fails to acknowledge your contributions, it can leave you feeling undervalued and invisible.

This behavior might also indicate that he takes greater pride in his relationships with others than with you, which can be damaging to your self-esteem and your view of the relationship. A partner who is truly proud of you will be eager to showcase you and your accomplishments as part of their life.

signs he is not proud of you

16. Constantly Comparing You to Others

Comparisons are often the thief of joy in relationships. If he is constantly comparing you to others, whether it’s ex-partners, friends, or even strangers, it’s a sign that he does not appreciate your unique qualities. This can make you feel as though you are in constant competition for his approval and that you will never measure up to his standards.

The act of comparing can also be a manipulative tactic to exert control or to make you feel like you need to change to gain his pride and approval. A partner who is proud of you will celebrate your individuality and never use comparisons to undermine your self-worth.

17. Prioritizing Other People or Activities Over You

A partner who is proud to have you in their life will make you a priority. If he consistently prioritizes other people or activities over spending time with you, it’s an indication that he may not value the relationship as much as you do. While it’s important to have a balanced life with separate interests, consistently choosing other things over you can be hurtful and disrespectful.

If you find that you’re always the one making sacrifices to accommodate his schedule or preferences without reciprocation, it’s a sign that he is not taking pride in his commitment to you. A proud partner will ensure that you feel valued and important in their life.

18. Not Acknowledging Your Presence or Efforts

Recognition of your presence and efforts is a fundamental aspect of feeling valued in a relationship. If he regularly fails to acknowledge the time and energy you put into the relationship, it can make you feel invisible and unappreciated. This could manifest in not saying thank you, not noticing when you go out of your way for him, or not reciprocating your efforts.

19. Making You Feel Like a Burden or Inconvenience

No one should ever feel like a burden or inconvenience to their partner. If he makes you feel this way, either through his words or actions, it’s a clear sign that he does not take pride in the relationship. This might include making you feel guilty for needing his time or help or expressing annoyance at your requests for attention or support.

20. Withholding Compliments or Praise

Compliments and praise are not only about boosting ego; they’re about acknowledging and appreciating someone’s qualities and efforts. If he withholds compliments or is stingy with praise, it could indicate a reluctance to affirm your value. This withholding can be particularly painful if he is generous with compliments to others but not to you.

A lack of praise can stem from a desire to keep you seeking his approval or from a genuine lack of admiration for you. Either way, it’s not the behavior of someone who is proud to be with you. A proud partner will be eager to express their admiration and appreciation for you openly.


Recognizing these 20 clear signs he is not proud of you is the first step to know if he’s worth your efforts or not. Do not put your efforts where they’re not needed. Rather, invest in a relationship and in a partner who sees and values you the same way you do.

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signs he is not proud of you

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