8 Signs That Tell You’re In A Fake Friendship
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8 Signs That Tell You’re In A Fake Friendship

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How do you identify a fake friend? Read on to discover the signs of a fake friendship.

Friendship is one of the most important relationships we can’t do without. We make new friends every day. Some are good, while some are bad or toxic to our life. But no matter how long a friend pretends to like you, one day, he or she will surely exhibit some signs that tell they’re not true friends.

If you ever notice any of these signs in your friendship, it means that your friend is not for real. They are just there for what they will get from you, and not for what they can offer back.

8 Fake Friendship Signs To Identify A Fake Friend

1. They come around when things are moving well

One of the signs you’re in a fake friendship is that your friend comes around whenever things are moving fine with you, but disappears when the goings get tough. A true friend sticks closer than a brother. They are with you, come rain, come sun. But a fake friend only remembers your birthday party or any other celebrations that will make them enjoy themselves. But after the whole celebrations, they act or pretend to be so busy. Such people are fake friends and you should do away with them.

A real friend is supposed to love you unconditionally. They’re supposed to offer you help even when they know that you can’t repay them for their good deeds.

2. Your love is one-sided

In a false friendship, your friendship is always one-sided. You’re the only one reaching out to them.

They don’t bother to contact you unless they’re in need. If you ever find yourself with these type of friends, it’s a sign they’re not genuine.

You call them almost every day to know how they’re doing but they rarely get in touch with you. Isn’t that enough to tell you that such a friend is not for real?

3. They don’t support you.

Friendship is all about sacrifice. You can’t call yourself my friend whereas you don’t contribute anything to my life.

A fake friend will always give you some excuses why he or she may not be able to help you, even if they can. You’re very sure they can assist you but you just don’t know why they’re not willing to help. It’s a sign that your friend is not a true friend. They don’t value you at all. All they are after is their welfare and not yours. Your happiness is never their priority.

4. They backbite you

Fake friends pretend to be good when they’re with you, but paints you blue black in your absence.

There is this adage that says “one who tells you about others will one day tell others about you”. That is how fake friends operate.

They like justifying themselves before you but condemns or gossips you at your back. They only pretend to be nice when you are together. Not only that, but they look very innocent and responsible just to make you feel they’re your true friends. But they’re secretly working against you.

5. You’re not always yourself when you are together:

If you always pretend to be someone else when you are with your friend, it simply means you’re not in a real friendship.

Fake friends will always try to change or influence you in a negative way. For instance, they will try to lure you into smoking or drinking if they discover that you are allergic to that.

6. They are nagging in nature

All these signs are the things I have experienced in life. A fake friend will always complain and want everything done right now.

They don’t care to know whether it is convenient for you or not. If you fail to do that, they become angry and walk away.

7. Fake friends walk away unnoticed

They move away without any reason for ending the friendship.

It is a sign that they have no regards for you. A real friend will not ghost you just like that. Unless you deserve it.

8. They intimidate and manipulate you

Another weapon fake friends use is intimidation and manipulation.

They will always want you to do things that will favour them. When you fail to do it, they feel sad. All they’re trying to achieve is to manipulate you.


8 Signs that tell you're in a fake friendship
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