70 Clear Signs He is Just Keeping You Around

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In the realm of relationships, there’s a fine line between being in a committed partnership and being on the back burner. It’s essential to recognize the distinction to ensure that one’s emotional investment yields a reciprocal and fulfilling connection. When a partner is merely keeping you around, it can be a disheartening realization. But today, I will be sharing with you, signs that tell a guy is just keeping you around.

The phrase “keeping you around” refers to a dynamic where one partner maintains the relationship not out of genuine affection or desire for a future together but as a convenience or backup plan. This can be a painful experience for the person on the receiving end, who may hold genuine feelings and aspirations for their partner. Understanding this concept is the first step in identifying whether you’re in such a situation and deciding how to respond to it.

Signs he is just keeping you around

1. No Mention of a Shared Future

When a partner avoids discussing future plans or makes vague statements about the future without including you, it’s a sign of reluctance to commit. If conversations about moving in together, marriage, or long-term goals are consistently shut down or avoided, it’s a clear indication that he is not envisioning a future with you.

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2. Shifting Goals and Excuses

A partner who is constantly changing their mind about what they want or providing excuses as to why they can’t make future plans may be keeping you around without the intention of long-term commitment. An inability to set and stick to future-oriented goals together is a red flag.

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3. Avoidance of Commitment Labels

If he shies away from defining the relationship or balks at labels like “boyfriend” or “partner,” it can signal a reluctance to commit. This avoidance keeps the relationship in a state of ambiguity, which may be exactly where he wants it to remain.

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4. Ghosting and Delayed Responses

Inconsistent communication, such as ghosting or long periods without contact followed by sudden bursts of attention, can be disorienting and hurtful. This pattern suggests that you may not be a priority and that he reaches out only when it’s convenient for him.

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5. Surface-level Texts and Calls

When the majority of communication is superficial, with a lack of genuine interest in your life or feelings, it’s a sign that he is not investing emotionally in the relationship. If conversations rarely go beyond basic pleasantries or logistical coordination, it’s indicative of keeping you at arm’s length.

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Signs he is just keeping you around

6. Unpredictable Communication Patterns

A partner who communicates unpredictably, with no consistent pattern or effort, may be demonstrating that the relationship is not a top priority. If you find yourself constantly wondering when you’ll hear from him next, it may be time to reevaluate his intentions.

7. Minimal Initiative

If he rarely takes the initiative to plan dates or make efforts to see you, it’s a sign that he’s not putting in the work to maintain the relationship. Relationships require effort from both parties, and a lack of it can indicate that he’s not truly invested.

8. Reluctance to Make Sacrifices

A partner who is unwilling to make sacrifices or compromises for the sake of the relationship may be showing that their commitment is limited. Whether it’s changing plans with friends or adjusting personal habits, a lack of willingness to accommodate can be telling.

9. No Effort to Resolve Issues

When problems arise, if he shows little interest in addressing and resolving them, it can signal a lack of investment in the relationship’s health. A partner who is just keeping you around may not see the value in working through challenges.

10. Consistent Absence in Important Moments

When he frequently misses important events or milestones in your life, choosing other people or activities instead, it reflects where his priorities lie. A partner who is serious about the relationship will make an effort to be present for significant occasions.

11. Social Plans Without You

If he regularly makes social plans without including you or considering your feelings, it’s a sign that he’s not integrating you into his life. A committed partner would want to share their social world with you.

12. Work or Hobbies Always Come First

While it’s healthy to have separate interests, if his work or hobbies always take precedence over spending time with you, it could be an indication that the relationship is not a priority for him.

13. Absence in Times of Need

A partner who is unavailable or disinterested when you need emotional support is not fully present in the relationship. Being there for each other during tough times is a cornerstone of a strong partnership.

14. Dismissive of Your Feelings

If he is dismissive or belittles your feelings, it’s a sign of a lack of empathy and emotional investment. A caring partner would take the time to understand and validate your emotions.

15. No Comfort or Reassurance

When you’re feeling insecure or doubtful, a lack of comfort or reassurance from him can leave you feeling alone in the relationship. Emotional support is a two-way street, and its absence can be a telling sign.

16. Unwillingness to Compromise

If he consistently ignores your needs and desires, refusing to compromise or find a middle ground, it’s indicative of a one-sided relationship. A partner should care about your happiness as much as their own.

17. Indifference to Your Satisfaction

A lack of interest in ensuring your satisfaction, whether emotionally or in other aspects of the relationship, suggests that he may not be as invested in your well-being.

18. No Effort to Understand Your Perspective

When he makes no effort to understand your perspective or needs, it’s a sign that he’s not fully engaged in the relationship. A healthy partnership involves mutual understanding and respect.

19. Evasive About Long-Term Plans

A partner who is evasive or changes the subject when discussions about the future come up is likely not planning a future with you. This avoidance is a major indicator that he’s keeping you around without long-term intentions.

20. No Shared Vision

When you’re unable to create a shared vision of the future together or he shows no interest in doing so, it’s a red flag. A committed partner would be excited to imagine and plan a life together.

21. Resistance to Setting Milestones

If he resists setting milestones or making any sort of timeline for the relationship, it’s a sign of a lack of commitment. These milestones help couples gauge the progression and seriousness of the relationship.

22. Absence from Social Media

If he avoids posting pictures with you on social media or acknowledging your relationship online, it’s a sign that he’s keeping you a secret. In the digital age, public acknowledgment can be a form of validation.

23. Not Meeting His Inner Circle

A partner who has not introduced you to his friends or family after a reasonable amount of time may be intentionally keeping you separate from his personal life. These introductions are often a step towards a more serious relationship.

24. Avoiding Public Recognition

If he avoids acknowledging you as his partner in public or in front of important people in his life, it’s a clear sign that he’s not ready to fully integrate you into his world.

26. Inconsistent Affection

When affection is inconsistent, it can lead to feelings of insecurity. A partner who is truly invested will provide a steady flow of affection and reassurance.

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27. Unpredictable Behavior

A partner whose behavior is unpredictable, causing you to feel uncertain about where you stand, is not providing the stability that a healthy relationship requires.

28. Withholding Information

Withholding information that leads to feelings of uncertainty or insecurity is a manipulative tactic that suggests a lack of genuine care for your emotional well-being.

29. Superficial Interactions

If interactions remain on a superficial level and he avoids deep, meaningful conversations, it’s a sign that he’s not willing to connect on a more intimate level.

30. Resistance to Vulnerability

A reluctance to be vulnerable or share personal thoughts and feelings can prevent the development of emotional intimacy, which is vital for a strong relationship.

31. Dodging Serious Topics

When he consistently dodges serious topics or redirects conversations away from emotional depth, it’s indicative of an avoidance of true intimacy.

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32. Ignoring Issues

A partner who ignores conflicts or issues, hoping they’ll resolve themselves, is not taking an active role in maintaining the health of the relationship.

33. Walking Away from Disagreements

Walking away from disagreements or refusing to engage in conflict resolution is a sign that he’s not willing to invest the effort required to overcome challenges together.

34. No Compromise or Change

A lack of willingness to compromise or change behaviors that lead to conflict suggests a disinterest in the relationship’s long-term success.

35. Lack of Interest in Your World

When he shows no interest in your personal life, career, or hobbies, it indicates a lack of investment in who you are outside of the relationship.

36. No Presence in Your Social Circle

If he’s not present or involved in your social circle, it may be a sign that he’s keeping his distance and not fully committing to being a part of your life.

37. Absent from Family Functions

A partner who avoids family functions or significant events in your life is not taking steps to integrate into your world, which is essential for a serious relationship.

38. Limited Physical Contact

If physical affection is limited or non-existent, it can signal a lack of desire to connect. Physical affection is an important aspect of a romantic relationship.


39. Avoiding Closeness

Deliberately avoiding closeness or creating physical distance can be a sign that he’s not interested in fostering a deeper bond with you.

40. No Spontaneous Affection

A lack of spontaneous affection, such as holding hands or hugging, suggests a lack of warmth and intimacy in the relationship.

41. No Holding Hands in Public

When he avoids holding hands or showing any form of affection in public, it can make you feel as though he’s not proud to be with you.

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42. Avoiding Kisses or Embraces

Avoiding kisses or embraces, especially in public settings, is a sign that he’s not comfortable with others perceiving you as a couple.

43. Reluctance to Show Affection

A general reluctance to show affection, particularly in public, can be indicative of his desire to keep the relationship low-profile or non-committal.

44. Vague Introductions

When he introduces you with vague descriptions such as “my friend” or doesn’t introduce you at all, it’s a sign that he’s not acknowledging the relationship.

45. No Recognition of Your Role

A lack of recognition of your role in his life to others can be hurtful and a clear sign that he’s not taking the relationship seriously.

46. Exclusion from Partner Contexts

If he excludes you from contexts where partners are typically included, such as weddings or family gatherings, it indicates a reluctance to present you as his significant other.

47. Unpredictable Affection

When affection is unpredictable, swinging from hot to cold with no clear pattern, it can be confusing and indicative of his uncertainty about the relationship.

48. Inconsistent Attention

Inconsistent attention, where you feel like a priority one moment and forgotten the next, is a sign of mixed signals that can be emotionally draining.

49. Conflicting Messages

Receiving conflicting messages about his feelings or intentions can leave you guessing and is a classic sign of someone who’s not fully committed.

50. Forgetting Important Dates

Forgetting important dates like anniversaries or birthdays suggests a lack of consideration and effort in celebrating the milestones that are meaningful to you.


51. No Thoughtful Gestures

A lack of thoughtful gestures or gifts on special occasions can indicate that he’s not putting in the effort to make you feel special and valued.

52. Absence During Celebrations

If he’s often absent during celebrations or fails to make them memorable, it’s a sign that he’s not invested in nurturing the joyous aspects of the relationship.


53. No Curiosity About Your Passions

When he shows no curiosity about your hobbies and interests, it can feel as though he’s not interested in understanding what makes you tick.

54. Unwillingness to Share Activities

An unwillingness to share in activities that you enjoy or to try new things together can lead to a disconnect in the relationship.

55. Disregard for Your Enthusiasm

If he disregards your enthusiasm for your hobbies and interests, it can make you feel undervalued and unsupported.

56. No Initiative to Plan

A partner who takes no initiative to plan outings, trips, or dates is not putting in the effort to create shared experiences and memories.

57. Indifference to Future Outings

If he’s indifferent to planning future outings or seems uninterested when you bring up ideas, it’s a sign that he’s not looking to build a shared future.

58. Last-Minute Cancellations

Frequent last-minute cancellations of plans can be a sign that he’s not committed to spending quality time together.

59. Lack of Emotional Investment

When he shows a lack of emotional investment, such as not sharing feelings or being disinterested in deepening the connection, it’s a sign that he’s not fully invested in the relationship.

60. No Effort to Grow Together

A partner who makes no effort to grow together or work on the relationship is likely not looking at the long-term potential of the partnership.

61. Withholding Personal Investment

Withholding personal investment, whether it be time, energy, or resources, is a clear sign that he’s not fully committing to the relationship.

62. One-Sided Support

If the support and care in the relationship are one-sided, with you always giving and him taking, it’s a sign of an imbalance that’s unhealthy for a committed partnership.

63. No Reciprocation of Care

A lack of reciprocation when it comes to providing care and support can leave you feeling unappreciated and undervalued.

64. Disinterest in Your Well-being

When he shows disinterest in your well-being or fails to provide support in times of need, it’s a sign that he’s not truly there for you.

65. No Effort to Connect with Your Loved Ones

A lack of effort to connect with the people who are important to you suggests that he’s not invested in the relationships that matter to you.

66. Evasion of “The Talk”

If he evades discussions about the relationship status or where things are heading, it’s a sign that he’s not ready to define or commit to the relationship.

67. Refusal to Clarify Intentions

A refusal to clarify intentions or provide reassurance about the relationship’s direction can leave you feeling insecure and uncertain. This is another sign a guy is just keeping you around.

68. Disrespecting Boundaries

If he repeatedly disrespects your boundaries or pressures you to compromise them, it’s a sign that he doesn’t value your comfort or autonomy.

69. Betraying Trust

Acts that betray your trust, such as lying or cheating, are clear indicators that he’s not committed to a healthy, respectful relationship.

70. No Accountability for Actions

A lack of accountability for actions that violate your trust or boundaries is a sign that he’s not taking the relationship or your feelings seriously.


Recognizing the signs that he is just keeping you around can be a difficult but necessary process in order to protect your emotional well-being and ensure that you’re not settling for less than you deserve. If these signs resonate with your current relationship, it may be time to have an honest conversation with your partner or to reevaluate your needs and priorities.

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Signs he is just keeping you around

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