Things to Talk About with a Girl To Keep Her Interested
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Things to Talk About with a Girl To Keep Her Interested

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If you’re a guy looking to strike up a conversation with a girl, you understand the importance of finding the right things to talk about. Making a connection and keeping the conversation flowing can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to talk about with a girl, ranging from lighthearted topics to deep and meaningful conversations.

Why is it important to have interesting topics to talk about?

Having interesting topics to talk about is crucial when it comes to connecting with someone, especially when it’s a girl you’re interested in. Engaging in meaningful conversations helps you build rapport, establish common ground, and create a sense of connection. By discussing topics that are of mutual interest, you can discover shared hobbies, passions, and values.

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Things to Talk About with a Girl

Things to Talk About with a Girl

General conversation starters

  1. The weather: A timeless topic that can lead to discussions about favorite seasons, outdoor activities, or memorable weather experiences.
  2. Hobbies: Ask her about her hobbies and interests, and share your own. This can open up a world of conversation opportunities.
  3. Travel: Discuss favorite travel destinations, dream vacations, or memorable trips. Travel experiences often make for interesting conversations.

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Topics related to hobbies and interests

  1. Sports: Talk about favorite sports teams, recent games, or sports-related experiences. This can also lead to discussions about personal fitness and exercise routines.
  2. Music: Discuss favorite bands, concerts attended, or musical instruments played. Music is a universal language that can spark lively conversations.
  3. Art: Share thoughts on favorite paintings, artists, or art styles. Art appreciation can reveal a lot about a person’s creativity and aesthetic preferences.

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Talking about travel and experiences

  1. Bucket list destinations: Ask her about the top places she wants to visit in her lifetime. This can lead to discussions about different cultures, landmarks, and travel aspirations.
  2. Funny travel stories: Share humorous travel anecdotes and encourage her to do the same. Laughing together can create a strong bond.
  3. Food experiences: Discuss favorite cuisines, unique dishes tried, or memorable dining experiences. Food is a great conversation starter that can lead to discussions about culture and personal preferences.

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Discussing current events and news

  1. Local news: Talk about recent events happening in your city or town. This can lead to discussions about community issues, local attractions, or upcoming events.
  2. Global news: Discuss current events on a broader scale, such as world news, politics, or environmental issues. Make sure to approach sensitive topics with respect and an open mind.
  3. Technology and innovation: Share thoughts on the latest gadgets, scientific advancements, or tech trends. Technology is a constantly evolving field that can spark interesting conversations.

Conversations about books, movies, and TV shows

  1. Favorite books: Discuss favorite authors, genres, or book recommendations. This can lead to conversations about storytelling, imagination, and personal growth.
  2. Movie preferences: Share thoughts on favorite movies, actors, or genres. Movies are a popular topic that can evoke emotions and memories.
  3. TV show discussions: Talk about binge-worthy TV shows, character analysis, or plot twists. TV shows often have dedicated fan bases that enjoy discussing their favorite series.

Questions about personal goals and aspirations

  1. Career aspirations: Ask her about her professional goals, dream job, or current career path. This can lead to discussions about ambitions, work-life balance, and personal growth.
  2. Personal development: Discuss personal goals, self-improvement strategies, or books and resources that have inspired personal growth. This can create a sense of shared values and aspirations.
  3. Life goals: Talk about long-term goals, bucket lists, or dreams for the future. Sharing life goals can help create a sense of mutual support and encouragement.
  4. Dream travel destinations: Share your bucket lists and discuss places you both dream of visiting someday.
  5. Craziest travel experiences: Talk about memorable adventures, mishaps, or unexpected encounters you’ve had while traveling.
  6. Cultural experiences: Discuss different cultures and traditions you’ve encountered during your travels.


Engaging in meaningful conversations with a girl is essential for building connections and creating lasting impressions. If you are short of things to talk about with a girl, follow the examples of conversation starters listed in this article to keep the conversation flowing.

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things to talk about with a girl

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