10 Ways To Make A Girl Blush Over Text
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10 Ways To Make A Girl Blush Over Text

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How to make a girl blush over text. If you have been chatting with your girl crush for a long time now, you may probably want to melt her over text and make her feel special. Here are the ten steps to turn any girl redder than red over text.

If you need to know how to make a girl blush over text, these are the ten steps to turn any girl redder than red over text

How to make a girl blush over text

1. Text her something she’d find flattering

Flattering with a girl over text is the best way to make her blush. Flirty text messages make women feel special. And one of the ways to do that is to compliment her. Wow her with words by emphasizing more on her beauty. Girls love it when guys praise them and appreciate their beauty. It makes them blush.

2. Ask her a question that requires a response

There is no other secret to making a girl blush over text if not to send her interesting text messages. Avoid texting a girl ‘yes’ or ‘no’ messages. Rather, ask her questions that will make her think before replying. This shows you are not a dry texter and she will like you for that.

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3. Compliment her on something she does well

Compliment is a powerful word that can make any girl go red over text if you use it right. All you have to do is look for something she does well and compliment her on that. For example, you can compliment her dress, her profile, her voice, or the way she replies to your texts.

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4. Tell her how much you like spending time with her

A girl will blush for you if you tell her how she makes you feel and why you like spending time with her. This will make her feel or realize how special she is to you. Every girl wants to know that she is a priority to a guy she likes. So, make her feel that way and she will melt over your text messages.

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5. Send a cute photo of yourself

Most girls blush when they see how cute you are. That is why you should consider sending her your pictures. But is that awkward to just send someone your picture for no reason? Let’s do it this way. Send her two to four of your favorite pictures and tell her to choose the cutest one and also tell you why she likes it.

6. Show Your Sense of Humor

Girls want to laugh when they are chatting with guys. If you can always have this in mind, you will make any girl go red over text by simply showing your sense of humor. Do not take everything too serious. Sometimes, crack some jokes to make her laugh. This will make her blush and be more attracted to you.

7. Call her some sweet pet names

I have come to realize that girls love pet names. If you are not good at calling girls nicknames, start it immediately. It will make you different from other guys who just text ‘hi’ and other text messages without making her feel special. Give her different pet names and see the one she loves most. When you have discovered that, start calling her those names. This will make her blush each time you are having a conversation with her over the text.

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8. Close It Out With a Kissing Face Emoji

Emjois are powerful. They send hidden messages without necessarily typing them. Always use emojis each time you realize that your conversation with her is going deeper. For example, send her love emojis instead of saying I love you (if she is not yet your girlfriend). Send her kisses emojis when she flirts with you or says something sweet. This will make her blush over text.

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9. Ask for a hug or kiss

Asking her for a hug or kiss over the text is another simple strategy to make her turn red. Girls are weird to be attracted to what they hear than what they see. Sending this type of message will quickly tell her that you are romantic. But make sure you are sending this type of texts late at night when she will be more relaxed and less distracted. That is the best time you will get the optimal result.

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10. Compose a love poem for her

If you want a girl to melt over texts, then send her a love poem you composed specifically for her. It is better you also sing it out for her. She will appreciate the time you took to write the poem just to make her feel happy.

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