10 Memorable Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples
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10 Memorable Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

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Do you want to make this year’s valentine’s day more fun and exciting for your partner? Here are nice Valentine’s day activities for couples.

With the blink of an eye, Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner. The same last-minute panic seems to occur each year for couples around the world. With romance being the focal point of the day, it can be difficult to conjure up a memorable day that balances love with excitement.

Treating your partner on Valentine’s might be new to you, or perhaps you have completed every Valentine’s plan imaginable. It is okay to stick with what you know on Valentine, however showing your love and appreciation for your loved one is essential. 

Whether your partner’s love language is through acts of service, gift giving, or physical touch, you need to plan a day that exceeds their expectations. If you are lost for inspiration, we have gathered some of the most special activities you and your partner can enjoy for the day.

Keep in mind what your partner loves, and most importantly, make sure you have agreed with your loved one to keep February 14th free. The last thing you need is to be double booked! Take a look at the following suggestions:

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Valentine's day activities for couples

Valentine’s Day Activities For Couples

1. Visit their favorite city

Starting with the big guns, planning a trip to their favorite city is one of the most romantic things you can do over Valentine. It is a treat and will require a larger investment, however, if you are the type of couple who loves to travel, it certainly won’t go unnoticed by your other half.

The city of choice could have sentimental value to them, such as where you both met or simply where you enjoyed your time the most together. It may even be a quick day out if this city is a train ride away. Plan some nice activities for when you arrive. Visit their favorite spots, and have a romantic meal together, a reliable and memorable Valentine’s Day complete!

02. Have a pig out at their favorite food spot 

This is for all of the foodies out there. What a dream it would be to have a day dedicated to eating. If your partner has a serious appetite, consider taking them to some of the most iconic food markets near you. For example, if you are based in or around London, Camden market is known for its serious grub.

Surprise your partner with a day trip to a market filled with tasty street food stalls, and let them loose! Try different cuisines together and rate your favorite foods from worst to best! Chances are if your partner loves to eat and you choose the right market, there will not be much room for disappointment. 

03. Treat them to a luxury meal

Speaking of eating, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to luxury dining experiences. If you do not often attend lavish restaurants and your partner has shown interest in experiencing one, consider booking a luxury meal on Valentine’s Day.

If you are dining on Valentine’s Day be sure to book this well in advance as the booking unusually floods in the lead-up to the day. Don’t just book the fanciest joint you find first, do your research, read the reviews, and make sure it has a balance of great food, great service, and of course an intimate atmosphere. 

04. Have an intimate home-cooked meal 

Yet another food topic, but seriously can you ever go wrong with a good meal on valentines? This one should come from the heart, as a home-cooked delicious meal with some candles lit with music is guaranteed to set the mood.

Even if your culinary skills are not up to scratch, showing your effort to go out of the way for your partner will not go unnoticed. Set the mood with candles, and some posh cutlery, and make the seating restaurant-worthy with posh cushion covers

05. Take them to see their favorite sports team

Sometimes, love is about sacrifice. And if that means you need to spend a day watching a sport you despise and your partner loves, then so be it!

Sacrifice might be the best way to show your dedication to your loved one, especially if you do not often allow them to enjoy seeing their favorite team do something you both love instead. Whether he likes boxing or football, book the next ticket to see his favorite athletes and spend some time experiencing the things he or she loves, because you love each other. 

06. Visit a vineyard

Does your partner love drinking wine and perusing through nature? What better way to combine both of these things than to visit a vineyard? This Valentine’s treat is highly dependent on where you live and the weather conditions.

If you are lucky enough to live within a commutable distance of a vineyard that is in season, consider booking a wine-tasting day and staying the night if they have hospitality on site. This will be a beautiful experience for both you and your partner to enjoy delicious wine and spend quality time together. Remember not to take it too far, or else you might forget the day altogether!

07. Cook them breakfast in bed 

Breakfast in bed is such a romantic and thoughtful way to make a simple gesture on Valentine’s Day to show your partner that you love them.

Make sure all of their favorite breakfast foods are in the fridge ready to cook on the day. Get up an extra 30 minutes early if you are both rushing off to work and bring them their breakfast to have in bed to start their day off with a full belly and filled with love.

08. Book a couples spa day 

A couples spa retreat filled with nothing but relaxation and spa treatments? Count us in. Spa days are extremely underrated, and if you are yet to try one out with your partner then you are truly missing out.

There are hundreds of discount websites that offer package spa retreats at extremely low prices. Whether you are looking for an infinity pool and jacuzzi, or you are hoping for a couple of full-body massages from experienced masseuses, there will be a Valentine package for you. 

09. Create a memory book

Sure, a phone filled with all of your photos together is convenient, but having them printed off in a memory book shows your attention to detail and sentimentality. This is the perfect DIY Valentine’s treat if you wish to keep all of our most treasured memories in one place.

Attach a timeline of all of your favorite photos, including keepsakes such as movie tickets or other items that pair with the images taken. This is a great Valentine’s treat for a partner who doesn’t care about materialism and will appreciate the thoughtfulness the most.

10. Buy them beautiful flowers 

Last but certainly not least, do not skip the flowers. Boring for some? Yes. But an essential for others? Absolutely. If your partner is always pointing out beautiful flowers, take this as a hint that they would adore a stunning bouquet on Valentine’s Day.

Find a local florist near you and pick their favorite flowers into a grand bouquet. If you are not the type of couple to spend valentines at a fancy meal, a simple gift such as flowers will go a long way.

Bottom line

Overall, treating your partner with these valentines should come from the heart. Whatever you decide to do, it should be meaningful to you both. Try to surprise your partner and keep it a secret until the big day, it will mean the most to them.

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Valentine's day activities for couples
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