5 Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You
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5 Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You

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When we have a crush on somebody, we try our best to make them notice us and even like us back. Today, I will be sharing with you, 5 tips on how to get your crush to like you, especially if you are madly in love with them but don’t know how to tell them.

Having a crush is something we all experience every day. We have crushes in school, the workplace, at home, and even in the church. It doesn’t matter where you meet your crush. All that matters is your boldness to approach your crush and tell them you like them. What if you are too shy to approach your crush? or you are simply afraid of being rejected? How then do you make your crush like you even without saying a word to them?

Here are some strategies that might work.

How To Get Your Crush To Like You

1. Give them a friendly smile when you meet

Smiling at your crush in a friendly way is the best way to send them a signal that you like them. But does it stop there? Will a mere smiling at someone make them like you? Yes! and No!. It all depends on how you do it. It is all about perfect timing.

Always give your crush a lovely smile any time you notice some changes in their life. For instance, smile at them when they make a new hairstyle, when they put on a new dress, or when they do or say something funny. This will make you stand out from every other person that is equally crushing on them. And when they notice this, they will start to like you. But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s move to the next step, which is very important.

2. Compliment them in a special way

After smiling at your crush, the next thing you should do to make them like you is to give them a stunning compliment. This will make your crush feel special and begin to like you. But what type of compliment will do this magic? It all depends on you.

The following compliments can make your crush feel special and start developing feelings for you.

  • You look special
  • You’re the most beautiful or handsome…
  • Did you fall from heaven? Your beauty is not earthly
  • Does the sun ever shine on you? You look so fresh
  • You’re a queen or a king indeed
  • Your beauty can transform the world
  • You’re the epitome of beauty, etc.

Whatever your compliments are, try to say them in a mature and friendly way. Avoid complimenting your crush often, less they get used to your compliments and start seeing them as normal compliments. Rather, try to tell them something nice any time they look their best.

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3. Have a sense of humour they will love

We all love people with good personality traits. Discover the type of people your crush likes associating with and start mingling with them.

It might be funny people, storytellers, reading mates, or even generous people. Find out yourself. Once you have discovered, start doing those things he or she (your crush) loves or enjoys. You get people to like you by doing what they love.

Do you know that your crush can start liking you if he or she is someone that loves music, and discovers that you can sing? So, why not display your talents to him or her? Or if you are a good storyteller, why not captivate them with your amazing stories? They might be interested in it and end up falling in love with you.

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4. Surprise them on their birthday

You have been looking for a way to get your crush to like you and your crush’s birthday is this week, this month, or some months ahead. Don’t you know this is the perfect opportunity for you to make them like you? So, stop searching for special magic to do that. The only magic I have for you right now is to tell you what you can do immediately to get your crush’s attention. But how do you get started?

Get your crush a surprise gift on their birthday. If you can’t afford a gift, write them a nice happy birthday wish. If your crush is a guy, consider getting him birthday gifts like a wristwatch, Nintendo Airpod Case, birthday cake, etc. And consider gifts like; a teddy bear, Morse Code Bracelet, chocolate box, birthday cake, etc. They will surely love this present and eventually like you.

If you are still not sure of the type of gifts they will love, consider asking their close friends.

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5. Tell your crush you like them

After following the four steps I discussed earlier, don’t just relax expecting them to come and tell you they like you, especially if you are not yet convinced you’ve won their heart. Most crushes expect you to make a move before they finally open up to you, and your crush might be in this category of people. So, stop feeling shy and take a bold step toward your crush and tell them you like them. But you should only do that when you have finally followed the previous four steps to avoid being rejected.

If you are afraid of meeting or telling them physically, then connect with them on social media and tell them. But don’t do that immediately after they accept your friend’s request. Start chatting with them for a while.

Before you say all you’ve been planning to voice out, ask them whether they love the birthday present you offered them. After that, just tell them you wanted to make them feel special that day. Then you can now tell them after some days you’ve had this very conversation. The reason is to avoid making it look like you’re trying to buy them over with your gifts.

Don’t forget to give us your testimony if these strategies work.

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5 Ways to get your crush to like you
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