10 Signs Your Crush Likes You
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10 Signs Your Crush Likes You

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When you have feelings for someone, you will always be eager to identify some signs they like you back. You may have been guessing either because of the way they smile or stare at you, how quickly they reply to your texts, or through their body language. All these can keep you wondering if your crush also likes you.

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Signs your crush likes you

1. They reply to your texts on time

If your crush doesn’t spend too much time before replying to your texts, it is a sign they like you.

You can tell if someone likes you back by the way they reply to your texts. If they respond quickly, it means they find you attractive and would like to give you their time and attention.

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2. They always stare at you

If you’ve ever caught your crush staring at you from afar, it means they like you.

When you are in a meeting or having fun with friends, they always like to sit beside you or stay where they will be seeing you. If you mistakenly catch their eyes, they will quickly look away. It is a sign you are attracted to your Crush.

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3. They try to know more about you

If your crush asks you some questions to get to know you, it is a sign they like you back. They ask you questions like; how many are you in your family? What is your position? What do you do for a living? Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? All these are the ways to tell if your crush is interested.

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4. They often assist you

When they see you struggling to solve a particular problem, they always come around to help you out. When they see you fighting or having issues with someone, they come to defend you.

All these show your crush secretly has feelings for you.

5. They say good things about you

Does your crush commend your good works in your class or place of work? Does he/she compliment your dress, your new hairstyle or whatever that belongs to you? All these indicates that they also have feelings for you.

It is only someone that admires you that will have time to compliment you. So, if your guy crush or female crush always says good things about you, it means they like you. Most times, they may not tell you directly. But will prefer to tell their friends about you.

6. They disclose some personal information to you

Did you realize that your crush is being honest with you? It means they like you.

How can a stranger disclose some personal information to you if not that you are charming to them?

For instance, when they are unhappy, they will tell you. If you ever upset them, they will open up to you and confront you. It is a sign of likeness from your crush.

When someone equally has feelings for you, they become vulnerable. Anytime you offend them, they react.

7. They often get jealous when they see you with another person

Does your crush never stop staring at you anytime they see you with the opposite sex? It is a sign of jealousy. And when your crush is jealous, it shows they want you.

Or maybe he/she refused to talk to you after seeing you with the opposite sex. It is a sign they equally like you back.

8. They spend quality time with you

If your crush ever stays till midnight chatting with you alone, it is a sign they also have feelings for you. They spend more time with you physically and online.

When they fail to reply your text on time, they apologize to you. All these show your crush is also interested in dating you and will likely fall in love with you.

9. They ask for your contact

When your crush likes you, he/she will request for your contact. If you are the one asking for their number, they will not hesitate to give it to you.

10. They smile at you

Do you notice your crush smiling at you anytime they see you? It is a sign of likeness. They are equally attracted to you.

They laugh at all your jokes even if they are not funny. When you have eye contact with them, they smile and look away. It is a way to know if your crush also likes you or not.

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