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Pet names are as sweet as honey.

In fact, everyone wants to be pampered by their loved ones, either their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband by being given a pet name that suits them.

Are you tired of addressing your partner by their names? I have compiled some creative pet names you can give to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.

One of the most important things in every relationship is your ability to make your partner feel special. Do you agree with me that calling your lover cute pet names can go a long way to stir up the love in your relationship assuming it was dead before?

If you are still confused about what to call your partner instead of addressing them by their names, I have some suggestions of affectionate names or nicknames to give to your partner.

Any of the following nicknames can suit your partner depending on their personality.

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Pet Names For Lovers

1. My Sweetheart

2. My love

3. My darling

4. My bright morning star

5. Paragon of beauty

6. My King

7. My Queen

8. Sweet Potato

9. The Apple of my eyes

10. My Lolipop

Picture of Pet Names

Romantic Names For Boyfriend

1. My Rockstar

2. Lover Boy

3. My Hero

4. Slay king


5. Bossman

6. Champion/Champ

7. My Captain

8. Snickers

9. Handsome

10. Casanova

11. Big Boy

12. My Superman

13. Clever Boy

Cute Pet Names for Girls or Girlfriend

1. My Paragon of Perfection

2. My Angel

3. Slay Queen

4. My Babe

5. Gorgeous

6. My Smart Girl

7. Precious

8. Sweetie

9. Sweet Pea

10. My Love Bud

11. My Flower

Pet Names For your Husband

1. Honey

2. Daddy

3. My Sugar

4. My Strength

5. My Lion

6. My Heart desire

7. Sweetheart

8. Darling

9. My Superman

Sweet Names For Your Wife

1. Mummy

2. My Angle

3. My Pride

4. The Apple of my Eyes

5. My Sweetheart

6. Darling

7. Honey

8. My Queen

9. My Lioness

10. My Heart

11. My Joy

12. The bone of my bone

13. Rose

Sweet Names For Your Son

1. Bobo

2. My Precious Jewry

3. My Pide

4. My Joy

5. Carbon copy of his father

6. My Prince

Affectionate Names For Your Daughter

1. Beauty

2. My Princess

3. Egovine

4. My Pride

5. My Petty Petty

6. My Pretty Daughter

7. Beautiful Damsel

8. My little Angle

9. My World

10. My Treasure

11. Little Dove

Funny Pet Names

1. My Crusher

2. My Buldozer

3. My Elephant Baby/Bobo

4. Frodo

5. Dobby

6. My Chocolate

7. My Sugar

8. The Butter in my bread

9. Fatty

10. My Lion King


12. My Tomato

13. My Butterfly

14. The Cockroach in my cupboard

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