What Do Guys Like To Hear? 15 Compliments He Will Love
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What Do Guys Like To Hear? 15 Compliments He Will Love

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What do guys like to hear? “I love you.” I guess that is what you think your boyfriend wants to hear from you. But is that all?.

Good compliments are powerful. They are words that melt our hearts and change how we perceive ourselves. Compliments help to sustain the spark in a relationship. So, if you are looking for a way to make him feel special, and even show him that you are a good girlfriend, you need to discover the words that will melt his heart.

So, anytime you are flirting or texting him, always remember to tell him these fifteen things. They’re the words men want to hear from their women.

What do guys like to hear? 15 compliments he will love

15 Things Guys Like To Hear From Their Girlfriend

1. You’re always in my heart

Guys want their girlfriend to reassure them that another guy has not taken their place in her heart. That is why he feels he has a special place in your heart when you tell him that you are always thinking about him.

2. I will never leave you

A guy may be deeply in love with you that he’s even afraid of losing you. Guys want their girlfriends to tell them that they’re behind their back especially when he’s passing through hard times. Men love to hear this word a lot. It makes them feel supported.

3. You are caring

Saying “thank you” when your boyfriend or husband does something good to you is not the only word guys like hearing from a woman. He wants you to tell him how caring he is. He may not say it out, but that is the type of compliment he secretly craves for.

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4. You’re so cute

Even if your boyfriend is ugly, he wants you to tell him that he’s the most handsome man on earth. One of the secrets to a man’s heart is knowing how to use your words as a woman. Men feel proud and submissive to a woman they love when she makes them feel like a king. So, if you’re looking for compliments a man likes to hear, it is ‘you’re so cute.’ It makes him feel proud of himself.

5. I’m sorry if I have hurt you

No man wants to live with an arrogant woman. Your boyfriend wants to hear “I’m sorry” anytime you are wrong. That is how a man identifies a submissive woman. So, your loyalty is what he craves in a relationship. You can show how loyal you are by apologizing anytime you upset him.

6. You have all the qualities I need in a man

Your boyfriend will be wondering if he’s even the type of guy you want in your life. That is why this compliment touches every man’s heart. Instead of allowing him to guess whether he’s your type of man, tell him as a compliment. Men love to hear this from their women.

7. You make me feel like a woman

He wants to hear this sexy word after your activity with him in bed. It makes him feel like a man also. The desire of every man is to satisfy his woman in bed. So, instead of telling him “thank you” tell him how he has made you feel.

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8. Everything will be alright

When a man is going through difficulties, the number one compliment he wants to hear from you is that “everything will be alright.” Women are helpers and shouldn’t allow a man to undergo the challenges of life alone, without saying a word that will encourage him.

9. What is your opinion about this?

Guys like it when you seek their opinion before doing something. It makes them feel involved and respected. They want you to ask them what they think about a particular thing. It shows that they’re not always left out in your decisions.

10. Is there anything you need from me?

Most times, a man will not tell his woman that he needs help. Instead, he will be expecting you to ask him. This shows that you are caring and sensitive enough to understand how he feels.

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11. I’m glad you’re my partner

Do you think your boyfriend is not wondering if you value him? Tell him that you’re glad he is your partner and see how happy he will react. Men want to be loved and accepted unconditionally by the woman they love.

12. I miss you

Even if you and your boyfriend see each other every day, he wants you to tell him that you miss him. It makes him feel that you are always thinking about him, and his presence matters to you.

13. You are my hero

Every man is a king, and they want their woman to always remind them. Guys don’t actually like to hear their name often. Instead, they want to hear you call them your hero. It makes them feel strong.

14. I hope you were not stressed today?

If you should ask me what a guy wants to hear most, it is how was your day? They want you to know how their day went. If it was stressful, they want you to hear it, with the hope that a simple word from you will make them happy again.

15. I love you

No matter how caring you are to him, he wants to hear the word “I love you.” Love is not complete until it is said and proved. All your boyfriend wants isn’t you cooking his favourite meal or washing his clothes. All these are good. But he always wants to hear the three-letter words “I love you.”

Which of these compliments does your boyfriend like most?

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