10 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship.
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10 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship.

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As Physical abuse is to the body, so is emotional abuse in a Relationship to the mind (one’s feelings).

At the beginning of every relationship, emotional abuse is often overlooked and not easily noticed.

But unlike physical abuse that can be seen by everyone, abuse emotionally is something you feel within (inside) and cannot be noticed by others except they are been told.

They are many signs associated with an emotionally abusive relationship. For instance, a partner who plays down on your intelligence is indirectly abusing you emotionally and intellectually.

Other examples of emotional abuse includes name calling, criticism, accusations, verbal abuse, manipulations etc.

Emotional abuse often brings low self-esteem.

The problem now is, how do you notice when your partner is abusing you emotionally?

One major aim of emotional abuse is to discredit you, isolate you, silence and make you feel bad about yourself.

Although some partners may not really know that they are abusing you emotionally.

For instance, a partner who manipulates you in other to favour him/herself, may not consider such as an emotional abuse. But the truth is that you will always feel hurt at the end of everything.

Emotional abuse is most of the time worse than physical abuse. But they often live some negative feelings behind.

Below are the signs or symptoms that will help you to know when you’re being abused emotionally in your Relationship.

10 Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Although emotional abuse is often subtle but if you see the following signs in your relationship, you’re been abused emotionally.

  • You’re often criticized.
  • Your partner abuses you verbally
  • You often feel rejected and worthless
  • You’re often manipulated
  • They withhold their affections for you.
  • You’re often treated with disrespect.
  • You’re always at fault and ever ready to apologize.
  • They make you feel guilty at all time.
  • They dismiss your opinions
  • You’re often seen as inferior etc.

If you ever notice any of the above mentioned abusive behaviour from your partner, then you’re often abused emotionally in your Relationship.

If I may ask, what are the causes of emotional abuse in a Relationship?

Causes of Emotional Abuse

To me, emotional abuse is often caused by low self-esteem.

When one fails to value him/herself, others will always take you for granted.

For instance, it is very difficult to abuse someone with high self-esteem.

So, when you feel like you’re not the right person for your partner, he/she will always take you for granted especially if he/she is a toxic partner.

Effects of Emotional Abuse

One of the consequences of emotional abuse in a relationship is that it makes one lose his/her sense of belonging.

For instance, if your partner often humiliates you in the public, you will always feel like you’re not qualified to be his/her partner.

Another effect of emotional abuse is that it brings low self-esteem. and when low self-esteem comes in, you will often feel rejected and lonely.

How to deal with Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Everyone who has experienced emotional abuse in the past will tell you how it pains. It pains to see your partner hurting your feelings. But what do you do to save yourself from this terrible situation?

1. Be aware that you’re often abused emotionally:

According to Wikihow, ‘ Emotional abuse functions to make you feel small and strip you of your independence and self-worth’

So, the first step is to recognize the signs of emotional abuse.

Admit that you’re abused emotionally. Check yourself to know whether you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above.

2. Discuss it:

I emphasize on communication most in all my posts. The reason is that communication is the basic thing in every relationship. If you don’t say it out no one will know what you’re passing through.

Having seen the signs of emotional abuse in your relationship, the second step is to discuss the matter with your partner.

Tell him/her how you feel about the way they are hurting your emotions.

3. Build or Develop your self-esteem:

As I have stated above that one of the causes of emotional abuse is low self-esteem, the only remedy to this now is to build your self-esteem.

Don’t often downgrade yourself. See yourself as equal to your partner. Refuse to be intimidated by your partner. And also, learn how to value yourself.

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  1. I hate seeing people who stay in a toxic relationships. We need to learn how to love ourselves first, so we know what’s our worth.

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