10 Signs Its Time To End A Friendship
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10 Signs Its Time To End A Friendship

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Unlike knowing when to end a relationship, a friendship equally has a time you should let go.

Friendships are one of the most important things everyone cannot do without. But most of the time, certain friendships devolve into toxic relationships.

What then will you do if not let go of friendships that drain you, and focus on those (friends) who bring joy and happiness to your life.

Some friendships are not meant to last forever. In other words, they are people who don’t deserve to be in your life.

You are who you make yourself to be. Any friendship that does not build or empower you has to be brought to an end.

Stop asking yourself questions like Should I really continue with this friendship? “What will be the implication of ending this friendship?.

The truth is that you owe no man anything. Therefore, move away from any friend that adds no value to your life.

Signs It’s Time To End A Friendship?

1. The friendship is one-sided

 A one-sided friendship is not a quality of a good friendship.

Every friendship ought to be balanced.

It shouldn’t be like a parasitic friendship where one person is benefiting and the other is not.

Friendship ought to be something the two individuals benefit from each other. But when one person receives all the benefits, it is bad, you have to let go. Don’t stay if you discover any form of unrequited love in the relationship.

2. They see you as an option

Any friend that sees you as an option is not worth being with.

You make him/her your priority but you are an option to him/her.

Don’t continue showing concern for a friend who doesn’t even want you let alone of making you his/her priority.

3. They add no value to your life

Every friendship ought to contribute something positive to your life.

You don’t just become friends for fun’s sake. You become friends in other to make a positive impact on each other’s life. But when you realize that your friend does not value you, it’s time to let go of the friendship.

4. You are often ignored

The most painful thing that can happen to you is to be ignored by a friend. I mean, someone you gave the whole of your heart as a partner.

If you are often ignored by your friend, then it is time to end the friendship.

When you call them, they don’t pick up or return your call.

You make every effort to know the cause of the problem but they walk away in silence.

 It is a sign of bad friendship and you need to let go.

5. They show no concern for you

End any friendship that contributes nothing to your life.

Friendship is not a place where one person takes care of the other only. It ought to be mutual depending on each person’s capacity.

When you discover that your friend has no concern for you, let go of the friendship.

6. You are often abused

Receiving abuse from your friend(s) is a sign of toxic friendship.

A true friend respects you.

He/she is happy when you are. And also sad when you are sad.

But if you are often abused, then the friendship is no longer enjoyable. That is to say, the only option is to end it.

7. It drains you

A friend ought to be someone who energizes you in times of weakness.

How and why should you be with a friend who drains you after spending time together?

8. You don’t trust each other anymore

Another sign that shows it’s time to end your friendship is if trust has departed from the friendship.

Trust is the major thing for building and developing every friendship. But when it departs, such friendship cannot survive.

9. They expose your secrets

A true friend ought to be someone you can confide in. Someone you trust and can easily share your secrets with without exposing them to others.

But when your friend is in the habit of exposing your secrets, it’s not a quality of a good friendship. Let go of that particular friend.

10. The friendship has become bitter

If you no longer enjoy your friendship, then it’s time to end it. In other words, any friend that takes away your happiness or joy is not worth being with.

You make friends in other to be happy. But when it is the opposite, simply let go of the friendship.


You are the manager and the driver of your life. You choose who stays and who goes. In other words, learn to let go of friends who add no value to your life.

A friendship that has zero contributions to your life is not worth being in. Therefore, cut off every friend that has the above-mentioned signs.


10 Signs it's time to end a friendship
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