11 Signs You’re In Love With Your Crush
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11 Signs You’re In Love With Your Crush

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Knowing whether you’re really in love can be confusing especially for new lovers. You will keep wondering whether it is love or you’re just being infatuated with your partner. Here are the signs that tell you’re in love with someone.

What Does it mean to fall in love?

Falling in love is the act of developing strong emotion or feelings of attachment and love for another person. Love has different stages. For instance, before you start developing feelings for someone, you must have been attracted to them before that feelings start to develop.

How long does it take to fall in love?

Love has no specific date for development. One can fall in love any day, any time. It may take some months, some years, etc. depending on the type of person you are when it comes to things of the heart (love).

Why is it so scary to fall in love?

A lot of people are afraid of falling in love simply because of heartbreak. They’re afraid of being disappointed. They simply don’t want to face or encounter anything like breakup in their life.

Can you fall in love in a Month?

Yes! you can fall in love anytime your feelings mature. Love is all about developing feelings. So, when that feelings reaches its climax, you can likely fall in love irrespective of how long you’ve been with your partner.

So, how do you know if you’re falling in love or just crushing on someone? Below are some of the symptoms of falling in love.

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falling in love signs

Signs You’re in Love

1.You can’t stop thinking about your partner:

When you start falling for someone, you will never stay for a day without thinking about them. Anytime you remember him/her you just smile to yourself.

Brain chemistry is also responsible for the phenomenon where you just can’t stop thinking about someone” says Elite singles

So, if you notice this sign, just know that you’re falling slowly in love with your partner or crush (boyfriend or girlfriend).

2. You always check on them:

Love pushes one to do certain things he/she wouldn’t be bold enough to do in a normal circumstance.

When you’re developing feelings for someone, you will always like to check on that person to know how they’re doing.

He/she will become your priority. If they tell you that they are sick, you become anxious until they recover.

When you come online and didn’t see him/her, you feel bad. You may even decide to wait for them to come online so you can chat. It is a sign that shows you’re falling for someone.

3. You’re always eager to hear from them:

Another sign that shows you’re falling in love is when you always like to communicate your partner or crush.

After the day’s routine or work, you try your best to call him/her to know how their day went, whether they’ve eaten or not, etc.

As I have stated earlier that to fall in love is the act of developing strong emotional attachment and love for someone. When these feelings starts growing, you will begin to have concern for your partner.

Your significant other was once a stranger to you. You never had any form of feelings for him/her before. But now, you’ve started showing concern for them because you’re beginning to fall for them.

Two lovers holding hands and smiling to each other

4. You feel happy when you’re together:

When you’re in love, you feel happy and energized when you’re with your partner.

In fact, staying for the whole week without seeing them makes you anxious. But when you’ve finally met or heard from them, you feel a sign of relief. It simply shows that you’re gradually falling in love.

5. You think about having a future together:

Everyone who is beginning to fall in love always think of having a future together with their significant other.

For instance, getting married to each other, spending your honey moon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, etc.

When you’re in love you will most times start having a day dream.

6. You feel like you’ve found your perfect match:

When you’re developing a strong feeling for someone, you will always feel like you’ve found your match. Probably your soulmate.

You will begin to see him/her as a perfect human-being. Not only that, but you will start to examine him/her to know whether you have certain things in common. For instance, whether you have the same hobbies with them, etc. These are signs that shows you’re falling in love.

7. You can’t wait to prove your love for them:

When you’re developing feelings of love for someone, you will always be eager to prove your love for them. This happens more especially in the area of guys or men. They will always be eager to prove their love to their girlfriend.

In the area of girls, they will start showing concern for you. For instance, if she is the type that doesn’t call you, she will start calling you.

8. You feel like you’re already theirs:

When you’re falling in love, you feel like you’ve already won your partner’s heart. It will be as if you’re the only person suitable for them.

9. You start being jealous:

Jealousy creeps in when you’re developing feelings for someone.

You will start being unnecessarily jealous simply because you want your partner all for yourself. You’re afraid of losing him/her to another man or woman.

Are you dating a jealous lover?, here are the things to consider while dating a jealous lover.

10. You start talking about them:

When you’re beginning to fall for someone, you will find yourself telling your friends about them almost all the time.

You will tell your friends how amazing or caring your partner is just to know their opinion about him/her. Whether they’re also seeing him/her the same way you’re seeing them.

11. You start reading about Relationships:

Is only those who are in a relationship or in love that has time to browse the internet for relationship advice.

If you’re not in a relationship, dating someone, gradually falling for someone or already in love, you wouldn’t have come across this post you’re reading.

So, when you’re in love, you start reading love books (stories) and search for relationship advice that will help you sustain the relationship.

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