7 Shocking Truths About How Men Fall In Love
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7 Shocking Truths About How Men Fall In Love

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People fall in love in different ways, for different reasons. The way men act when they’re in love is different from the way women do. Continue reading to know how men fall in love.

What attracts a man is different from what women are attracted to. The way a man acts when he’s falling in love may not be the same way a woman does. For instance, Men are attracted to what they see (visually stimulated). Whereas women are more attracted to what they hear.

This implies that a man is likely to fall in love with a woman he sees as his type (the type of woman he wants). But when it comes to women, they love hearing sweet words. Words that will make them believe that you love them and finally fall for you. Hey! Am I lying?

Love is love no matter what. You will always experience those affectionate feelings when you’re in love, no matter your gender.

In this post, you are going to see:

  • How a man acts when he’s falling in love with you
  • What causes a man to fall in love? And
  • How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

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A guy kissing a girl to show how men fall in love

How Men Fall In Love

1. They are attracted to what they see

Men fall in love with what they see.

They are more visually stimulated. Whereas women tend to be auditory.

For any man to start developing interest in a woman, she must have looked attractive to him.

A man falls in love with a woman he’s attracted to. For instance, before a man approaches a lady for a date, he must have found her attractive before even thinking of wooing her.

So, men don’t fall in love because of cute pet names or sweet text messages you send them. Rather they will fall for you if you’re attractive.

Being attractive is not just only by putting on nice dresses. Your character or attitude can make a man fall in love with you.

2. Men fall in love more quickly than women

Men fall in love faster and express love quickly.

A man can quickly develop an interest in a woman who offers him a cup of tea. To him, this woman deserves to be loved.

Men are like little children when it comes to falling in love. When you present a biscuit or sweet to a child, he/she will immediately develop an interest in what you’re holding (the sweet or biscuit) and suddenly become your friend.

The love of most men is often love at first sight. It develops quickly and ends quickly. So men tend to be in love faster than women. And when they have fallen in love, they’re always eager to prove their love.

3. They fall for a woman who appreciates them

Everyone loves compliments and appreciation.

Men fall for someone who appreciates their love. When a man feels appreciated by the woman he’s dating, he’s more likely to fall in love with her. When a couple unites and truly enjoys spending time together, they both feel connected and secure in their capacity to make each other happy.

For instance, a woman who makes a man happy is likely to win his heart more than a woman who plays hard to get. Men hardly fall for a woman who does not value them. Rather, they will get bored and walk away.

When you appreciate a man, you’re giving him a reason to love you. You’re indirectly making him smile when no one else has the ability to do that.

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4. Men fall for a woman who is Loyal

Men tend to ignore women who are full of themselves. They are the type of women that never listen to or respect their men.

Some women are too arrogant in a relationship. And men don’t like falling for a woman who feels she is more important and therefore ought to be honoured.

Humble yourself before a man. When you’ve won his heart, he will surely honour you like a queen. But first, lay aside your pride.

5. They fall in love when they realize that you love them

Unrequited love pains. No man would ever like to date a woman who does not love him.

For a man to develop deep affectionate feelings for you, he must have realized that you at least like him, even if you’ve not fallen in love with him. He will always examine you to know whether you like him before he proceeds to love you.

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6. They want a well-packaged woman

Guys fall for a woman who is well branded. What do I mean by a woman who is well packaged?

Men fall for a woman who is physically attractive, a woman who doesn’t mess herself around with other men, and a woman they can quickly look at and say ‘yes’ she’s wife material.

Most men fall for women who are sexy, beautiful, and romantic in nature.

Whereas some don’t consider these qualities as something important before falling for you.

For instance, a guy who is religious in nature may not be the type of guy that will likely fall for you if you’re sexy (you look sexy in your dress).

Rather, he will likely fall in love with a woman who dresses the way he likes.

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7. Men are more in haste when it comes to love

Men tend to be impetuous in love.

When a man is in love, he will do everything possible to keep and maintain that love because they wouldn’t like to lose you as their girlfriend or wife.

But women, at times, tend to be buried up in their brains trying to figure out or calculate certain things.

When it comes to falling in love, men tend to make the first move more than women.

For instance, a man is likely to be the first to say I love you, but as time goes on, women are more likely to express their love in words than men.

Men don’t hesitate to tell some of their friends about a girl they have fallen in love with.

The reason is that they want to hear their friends’ opinions about you. Whether they support him to go ahead or not. But after everything, he has the final say. He is the one to decide whether to go ahead and love you or not.

According to research made by Marissa A. Harisson “A widely held belief exists that women are more romantic and tend to be in love faster than men. Responses from 172 college students indicated that although both men and women believe that women will be in love and say I love you, first, in a relationship, men reported falling in love earlier and expressing it earlier than women reported.

How Does A Man Act When He’s Falling In Love?

1. He makes sacrifices for you

When a man is into you, he is ever ready to close his bank account just to settle your debt and make you happy.

Men love sacrificing for the women they truly love. And as we all know, love cannot do without sacrifice. To love means to make sacrifices.

So, when a guy is in love, he will always sacrifice everything for your sake.

2. He will always want to be with you.

Men like being around a woman they feel comfortable and happy being around. When a guy is in love, he will always like to be around you. He will want your presence more and more.

3. He gets jealous

When a man is developing feelings for a woman, he starts being jealous when he sees other men around her.

Jealousy is natural in everyone’s life. But the difference is that some show it, whereas others hide theirs inside.

You may be saying that your man is not a jealous lover. But is not true. Everyone gets jealous of their loved ones. He may be hiding his feelings.

4. He pays more attention to you

Men give 95 per cent of their attention to a woman they love. When a man is falling in love with you, he pays attention to your needs. When you speak, he listens to you. Most men are good listeners, which helps them to build a healthy relationship with their partners.

5. He will want to be his best

Another thing a man does when he falls in love with a woman is to push himself a little harder to become the best of whom he can be.

He may even go a long way to change his bad habits.

Every man in love wants to be the best of whom he can be for the woman he has fallen in love with.

It is everyone’s aspiration to be the best for their partner.

Although, in the beginning, it may appear as if you’re trying to impress the other person by making them happy at the same time, find yourself trying to improve to become a better person.

6. He tries his best to help you

When a man is into you, he assists you anytime you need his assistance. In fact, he won’t wait for you to tell him before helping you. He will always see it as what he ought to do for a woman he loves.

7. He gets you some gifts

Men don’t play with the woman they’re developing feelings for. When he’s falling in love with you, he will never forget to get you a gift on your birthday or send you some lovely birthday wishes. It is a way he chooses to prove his love for you.


7 Shocking Truths About How Men Fall In Love
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