How To Focus On Yourself
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How To Focus On Yourself

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Do you know that self-love begins when you learn how to focus on yourself? Focusing on yourself is not selfishness. Rather, it is all about making yourself a priority by giving yourself the time, effort and attention you need to be happier and healthier.

In my previous post, I wrote about how to love yourself first and how to romanticize your life. Check them out if you haven’t.

Do you struggle to invest more of your time in yourself by considering your needs first, before others? You’re not alone. We have all done that severally. But the problem is that those people we’re even focusing on while leaving ourselves behind, do not even appreciate our efforts. We then end up making them happy while neglecting our own well-being. Today, I will be sharing the best tips I know that will help you to start focusing on yourself before others. Even if you had a breakup recently, these tips can also help you to focus on yourself now you’re single. Let’s get started.

How To Focus On Yourself

1. Make time for yourself

Focusing on yourself is all about giving yourself enough time you needed to feel your true self. Give yourself time to engage in activities you love. As couples spend more time with their partners, make sure you’re spending more time with yourself. The only time you can identify your needs or problems is only when you give yourself time. So, the first way to concentrate on yourself is to spend time doing the things you love.

2. Invest in yourself

You’re the highest commodity you have. If you’re not aware, get that into your head today. The next step you can take to focus on yourself is to invest in yourself. Give yourself everything you need to be successful and remain happy in life. Do you know how your parents invested in you to become a better person in society? That is how you should invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself involves taking care of your health, your material needs, your stomach (of course the food you eat), and your happiness. Make these a priority in your life.

3. Worry less about insignificant people or things in your life

Did you just break up with your dear partner? Forgetting about them and letting go of the past might not be easier for you. Breakup pains. But the only way to focus on yourself again is to worry less about the past. Learn to stop thinking about your ex and let go of everything that reminds you about them. This will help you to concentrate on yourself instead of spending your time thinking and worrying about someone who doesn’t even care to know how you feel right now. Here is my previous post about how to recover from a breakup. Check it out, it might help you to recuperate.

4. Outline your goals and pursue them

You can’t talk about focusing on yourself without putting your goals or dreams into consideration. They’re the important things in your life. Write down everything you want for yourself, pursue them, and tick anyone you eventually actualize. This is another way to pay attention to yourself.

5. Love yourself first

Self-love is not selfishness. You can focus on yourself by loving yourself better than you do before. Your happiness and welfare should come first in your priorities list, and then every other thing can follow. Before you think of making someone else happy, make sure you’re happy, first.


How to focus on yourself and become your priority
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