How To Start A Conversation With A Girl
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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

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Are you having some difficulties talking to a girl you like? This post will be of great benefit to you. Learn how to start a conversation with a girl today. We have examples of messages or words you can use to start. Cheer up! and read on.

Every shy guy knows how difficult it is to approach a woman, let alone of initiating a conversation with her.

Although this difficulty can be overcome with courage, how can you develop that confidence?

According to research, most guys find it difficult to talk to a girl as a result of fear of being rejected. But only the experts know how to start a dialogue with a girl and impress her at the end of the convo.

Below are some tips and examples on how to open a conversation with a girl you like. You don’t need to be an online dating expert to begin. Just follow the tips below.

How to Start a Conversation With A Girl

1. Introduce yourself first

Approach her with a smile and say ‘Hello!

After that, start by introducing yourself.

Tell her your name, where you reside, and wait to hear from her also.

If you want to impress her, don’t be in a haste to say everything about yourself. Take it slowly. Women love guessing.

For example. You can use the following chat format:

You: Hello!

Her: Hi!

You: I am (your name), from (your country or town or even where you reside). What about you?

Example of how to start a conversation with a girl online

After hearing from her, proceed to tell her a little more about yourself.

For example, your hobbies, profession, etc. But don’t do all the talking. Pay attention when she talks. Don’t be distracted.

And don’t forget to make eye contact with her.

The above message is the best conversation starter with a girl.

It is not yet time to tell her how you feel about her.

Some guys get blocked or ignored after the introduction stage as a result of this mistake.

Girls hate it when you pour your feelings on them too quickly. She will assume you are a player in disguise.

Don’t convey your information or message in a way she will feel uncomfortable. Rather, express yourself in a language she will understand.

Don’t start with a high tone or a lower voice. Let your voice be in-between.

2. Compliment Her

The second way to initiate and keep your conversation going with her is to compliment her.

You are done with the introduction stage. The next thing is to give her a compliment.

Make her feel special with your magnificent compliments.

Here are some examples of compliments to use:

  • I love your hairstyle
  • I admire your dressing
  • Your smile marvels me.
A guy complimenting a girl over the text

There are other ways to compliment a girl.

If you are chatting on Social media, say something like:

“I so much admire your profile picture. I will steal it very soon.”

It sounds funny, right?

It is a way of having a great conversation with a girl you are crushing on.

Here is another example of a compliment for her:

You: “Have you gone to a beauty contest before?

Her: “No”

You: Oh! You are making a great mistake. If you have, I am sure you will be the winner. You look like an angel that fell from heaven”

This type of compliment will make her smile.

It is not yet time to act or speak like an expert.

Make her feel relaxed first. That is the only way you can make her be actively involved in the communication.

You can even come up with some funny jokes to make her laugh.

As you are talking, take note of her response.

The way she responds will tell you whether she is interested or not.

This is one of the best tricky ways experts use to woo a girl they like.

3. Act like a Pro

A girl will be attracted to you if you approach her with confidence.

The time for the compliments and jokes is over. It is time to act like an expert.

Try the following tips:

  • Introduce an interesting topic to discuss
  • Get to know her more
  • Tell her you are attracted to her and wait for her response
  • Ask for her contact if you feel like you’ve gotten her attention
  • Ask her if she would like to go on a date with you

If you don’t know what to ask her, here are some suggestions for you.

Acting like a professional while chatting or talking with a girl is all about being confident. Don’t feel shy to express your feelings. Whether you are having an online conversation or one on one chat.

How to End a Conversation With A Girl

Having known how to begin a dialogue with a woman, how then should you end the discussion?

What are the right messages or words to use?

Below are the best ways to stop a conversation with a girl.

End your convo with her with the following remarks:

  • You are such an interesting damsel. Nice talking to you.
  • I really enjoyed our conversations. I wish we can continue, but I have some other important things to do right now.
  • Is a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks for your time.
  • You really made my day. Nice to meet you.
  • I wish we can have this conversation next time? Or what do you think?
  • I feel so special for talking to you. Thanks and goodbye.

Do you have some tips to share with us on how to initiate a conversation with a girl? Drop it in the comment box below.

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