How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Without Asking
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How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Without Asking

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Have you been trying to ask a girl for her phone number, but it seems is not working for you? Don’t worry. This post is for you. I will show you some tricks on how to get a girl’s phone number without asking.

Getting a girl to give you her number is as simple as ABC. The only thing you need is to follow the techniques I’m about to show you in this article.

Below are easy ways to make a girl give you her phone contact without creeping her out or requesting it.

How to get a girl’s phone number without asking

1. Engage in a deep conversation with her

A girl will not show interest, let alone of giving you her number if you don’t charm her first. You can start by complimenting her.

Women are more attracted to what they hear than what they see. So, consider filling her ears with words that will grab her attention. But don’t forget to keep everything simple. You don’t have to be a genius before you will know how to text a girl.

She can only give you her number when you’re having a deeply interesting conversation with her. First impression matters. Therefore, unveil your good sides for her to see and love you. By doing this, she will freely give you her contact.

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A girl giving a guy her phone number

2. Be attractive to her

A girl can easily give out her line to a man without being asked, only if she loves the man and desperately want him in her life. Apart from that, you have to work for it.

Another way to get a girl’s phone number without requesting it is to make her fall in love with you first. A girl who likes you and wants to be your girlfriend will give you her line before you even talk about it.

So, make her find you interesting and different from every other guy she has met online or on the street. Dress properly and look smart. This is the first way to capture her attention.

A girl is attracted by a guy’s patience, sense of humor, sensibility, and high level of intelligence. So, whenever you are with her or texting her, don’t be so desperate or act in a weird manner.

You can also get her number by giving her a gift, maybe on her birthday. Or you can help her subscribe if you have the money. These are ways of letting her know that you like her. And when you have finally won her heart, she will give you her digits on her own.

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3. Make her feel comfortable around you

If she’s already your friend, make her feel comfortable hanging out with you, or chatting with you online.

Girls love men who have respect for them. Avoid asking her for a sex chat with you. A lot of guys have been blocked because of this mistake. Rather, make her feel relaxed while chatting with you, or having a conversation with you.

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4. Let her know you’re interested in having her number

It is only a girl that loves you, that will give you her phone number without you asking for it. Naturally, women don’t act that way except she is into you. They expect a man to make the first move before they respond.

So, if you want her to give you her phone number, ask for it. It will help you to avoid wasting your time waiting for her to send you her contact when you have not shown any interest. It is better to show interest first. Let her know you’re interested in getting in touch with her over the phone.

If you have followed the three steps I mentioned earlier before asking her for her digits, she will definitely give them to you.

But remember, don’t lie to her about why you need the number. If you want the line for WhatsApp only, tell her. If you would like to call her later, ask for her permission first.

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How to ask a girl for her number in a funny way

How to ask a girl for her number in a funny way

  • Can I help you memorize your digits?
  • Your phone number is safer when it is shared with others
  • Your number wants to know me. What do you think?
  • I lost my number, can I have yours?
  • Can I help you save your line?
  • Can I steal your number?
  • I wish I can appear on your phone and collect your phone number.
How to ask a girl for her WhatsApp number?

Can we chat on WhatsApp? 2. Do you mind if we also become friends on WhatsApp? 3. I would love it if we can chat on WhatsApp 4. I’m off. Do you mind if I text you on WhatsApp? 5. My battery is down. Can I have your number so we can chat on WhatsApp later? 6. I hardly chat here, can I DM you on WhatsApp?

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