How To Handle Rejection Like A Pro
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How To Handle Rejection Like A Pro

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Everyone experiences rejection at some point in life. But the way we react to rejection differs. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you, how to handle rejection like a pro, so that you will not always feel bad when people say ‘NO.’

What is rejection?

Rejection is simply the act of denying someone access to something. Rejection happens in different ways and comes from different people. For example, we experience rejection from family, friends, workplaces, schools, and from strangers. This experience brings pain and depression, and at the same time, affects our self-esteem.

If you have suffered from rejection from people you love, here are the best ways to deal with it.

How to handle rejection

1. Find out where you missed it

The first step to take to handle rejection is to ask yourself questions to know what you have done differently or wrong. That you were rejected may be a sign you omitted something or even did it in a wrong way. Before I tell you to forget about the rejection and move on, it is necessary you find out why you got rejected. This will help you figure out the areas of your life that need improvement.

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2. See rejection as something normal

The best way to handle rejection is to see it as something everyone experiences at some point in life. And this happens either because we are not qualified for a particular task, we approached the wrong people, or because we just have to work on ourselves to fit in. If you have this understanding, you will never feel bad when someone rejects you.

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3. Do not take it personally

Don’t take rejection personally. Everyone has different opinions and tastes and you should know that. Just have it in mind that you aren’t their choice that is why you got rejected.

4. Work on improving yourself

People don’t just get rejected for no reason. Even in relationships, some reject a marriage proposal from their partner simply because they feel they are not good enough for them. So, when you are rejected in a particular place, walk away and look for a way to make your life better. For example, instead of feeling bad that you lost a job interview, go back and work on yourself. Gather the necessary skills, information, and qualifications you need to be accepted. The same advice goes for rejection in a relationship.

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5. Be open to trying again in the future

“The stone which the builder rejected is now the chief cornerstone.” Rejection is a sign that you’re worth investing in. That you were rejected the last time you tried does not mean you should give up. Prepare yourself and try again in the future.

6. Do not expect perfection

As long as you are in human form, there is no perfection in you. So, put aside the idea of perfectionism. No matter how you want to look your possible best, you will never be perfect. So, have this at the back of your mind.

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7. Avoid self-pity

Remember that rejection is a part of the creative process. Therefore, avoid any kind of negative thoughts or feelings that brings self-pity. This will only make you feel bad about yourself and end up depressed. Rather, practice self-care or self-love and keep yourself happy.

8. Get support from others

Find a support system. Rejection can feel overwhelming, but there are people who understand. Express your feelings to them and listen to their advice.

Final thought

Handling rejection is not an easy thing. Everyone chooses to react to rejection based on their level of understanding of what it is all about. No matter how you feel when people refuse to accept you, with the above discussed 8 ways of dealing with rejection, you will be able to feel good again.

Synonyms of rejection

Refusal, repudiation, non-acceptance, declining, turning down, dismissal, no, spurning, rebuff, denial, abandonment, forsaking, desertion, shutting out, exclusion, shunning, etc.


8 Ways to handle rejection like a pro
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