How To Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend Within 7 Days
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How To Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend Within 7 Days

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Do you want your ex-boyfriend to return? Read on to discover how to get back with your ex-boyfriend within 7 days.

Reuniting with your ex isn’t something that happens so quickly. Everyone tells you to apply the no contact rule and you will see your ex return. But ever since you stopped calling them after your breakup, have you been able to reunite with him or her? It takes more than that to get back with your ex.

In this post, I will be sharing with you, how to get back to your ex-boyfriend.

But before then, here are some of the signs your ex will eventually come back.

How To Get Back With Your Ex-boyfriend

1. Discover why you broke up

The best way to treat a patient is to discover the root of his/her illness. You must know the cause of a problem before discovering the solution to it.

Why did you break up with your ex? What was their excuse or complaint? Were you the person that initiated the breakup? If ‘YES’ then why?

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You see, everything has a foundation. You can’t just wake up a day and expect your ex to return simply because you applied the no contact rule. It sounds funny to me.

The first way to get back to your ex is to discover why you broke up with them in the first place. This will help you determine whether you’re going to apply the no-contact rule, or you just need to change it.

What if your ex broke up with you, simply because of your lifestyle? Do you think stopping calling them will solve the problem or bring them back?

It will not. This advice may not sound good to you, but it is simply the truth. You cannot mend a broken relationship until you discover the reason(s) for the breakup.

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2. Consider whether or not to apply the no-contact rule

The no-contact rule is not for everyone. It depends on why and how your relationship ended. Did your ex break up with you for a non-significant reason? Then you should cold shoulder for a while. But if the relationship ended as a result of some bad lifestyle you exhibit, then it’s time to make an amendment.

The no contact rule will be more effective if you had done nothing to deserve the breakup. Let’s assume they broke up with you, simply because they’ve found another person. It is advisable to stop contacting them just to prove you can stay without them. This will make them miss you, especially if there’s something spectacular about you they’re already missing.

But calling him/her some days after the breakup is a sign you’re desperate for them. And the more you do that, the less they’re likely to come back.

All am trying to say is that you should only apply the no contact rule if you’ve done nothing wrong to deserve the breakup. But if they’ve complained several times about your bad attitude, then it’s time to change.

After that, call them out on a date, discuss the issues, and apologize to them. It takes nothing to bring an ex back. Most times, it is our ego that stops us from mending a broken relationship.

If your case requires you to stop calling your ex in the meantime, go ahead and do that. If not, do the needful and reconcile with your ex, especially if he or she still picks up your calls.

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3. Work on yourself to become a better person

You may ask “how does improve your life has to do with persuading your ex to come back?

In case you don’t know, everyone wants to be with someone who has something to offer. And the best way to be one is to improve your life. That will only make your ex regret dumping you.

I advise you not to stalk your ex on social media or block them. Allow them to see you in another dimension. Instead of posting a breakup quote on your timeline, post a picture of you chilling with your friends.

Don’t be surprised that he/she might be checking your profile every day to know how you feel about the breakup. But what happens if they fail to see what they expected? They will definitely feel bad and will try to reconnect with you.

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How to get back with your ex-boyfriend
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