How To Date Yourself – 7 Amazing Things To Do For Yourself
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How To Date Yourself – 7 Amazing Things To Do For Yourself

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Do you want to know how to date yourself? Read on to get inspiration.

The chances are that, over the years, you have been a part of at least one relationship. You are aware that, typically, being in one means giving your whole heart to the other person.

Sharing everything with them, the good, the bad, and loving them as much as you should love yourself. But do you truly love yourself? Do you spend even a tiny fraction of time practising self-care? Thinking about your own needs? If not, it’s high time you changed that! It’s time you learned how to date yourself. After all, no matter if single or taken, a little bit of ”me time” can do wonders for both your mental and physical health.

What does dating yourself mean?

It all comes down to doing things you would do with a partner, only doing it on your own: showing yourself the much-needed love and respect, treating yourself the way you deserve. And yes, taking yourself on actual dates is also a part of the experience!

You will soon realize that you don’t need the company of others to have a good time. Contrary to what many think, being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely.

It’s actually the moments of silence and solitude that bring peace to our minds. It’s during those moments that we truly get to know ourselves and figure out what we enjoy and what we want from life. So why not turn them into a habit?

But how exactly can you do that? The idea of dating yourself seems pretty straightforward, but executing it doesn’t appear to be as simple.

Yes, it will take some time to adjust. Yes, it probably won’t be easy at first, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. But, luckily for you, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

The steps we have compiled here will surely provide you with enough information on how to date yourself. Once you’ve realized you don’t have to rely on anyone to bring a dash of romance into your world, you’ll wish you’d started practising self-care a lot sooner!

Ideas on how to date yourself

Woman lying on blanket showing how to date yourself

1. Schedule some ”me time”

Being in a relationship is all about spending some quality time with the person you love. What we will focus on here is spending time with YOU.

It’s essential to schedule a time of day during which the sole attention will be on you. Sure, hanging out with family and friends is fun, but they can wait. You can’t expect to enjoy the company of others if you can’t enjoy the company of yourself.

Use this time to do anything you feel like doing at the moment. Read that book you’ve wanted to read for so long, but have been too busy actually doing it.

Binge the whole season of your favourite show. Start a new exercise regime. Besides, you certainly need a quality workout to stay healthy and feel good, so why not start today!

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A woman on a date by herself

2. Go out on your own

Don’t wait for other people to take you on a date. Do it on your own! If you like drinking coffee first thing in the morning, instead of drinking it at home, go to a coffee shop.

Are you more of a date night kind of person? No problem! You can make a reservation for one at your favourite restaurant and enjoy the perks of dining by yourself.

For once, you’ll be able to eat in silence instead of speaking with a mouth full of food. Furthermore, you’ll be able to experience individual flavours and enjoy your meal more than you normally would.

It sounds like a small thing, but, trust me, it’s a pretty significant one. Specific food triggers the release of oxytocin, thus making us feel happy and good about ourselves. And isn’t that the whole point?

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3. Rediscover yourself

If you are still unsure of having a relationship with yourself, the better way to start would be to get to know yourself for real.

You may think you already do but are you quite sure of that? You’d be surprised just how many things you can discover if you look in the right places.

For starters, incorporating new activities into your life could make you realize they are exactly what you’ve been looking for all along.

Take up new hobbies and try things you’ve never tried before. You will figure out precisely what you like or don’t like during the process and, thus, get to know yourself much better.

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4. Treat yourself to a spa day

If you’ve called it quits with someone recently, you may feel as if the world is over. But it’s not! The world keeps on turning, and life goes on.

So should yours! If you thought that recovering wasn’t on the table, well, think again. In fact, getting over a messy breakup fast is entirely possible and quite simple if you commit to yourself and treat yourself as your most prized possession. You must realize your worth, and understand that you don’t need anyone to take care of you but yourself.

An excellent way to take your mind off of things and venture into a relationship with you as the sole member would be to schedule a spa day for yourself.

A relaxing massage has tremendous therapeutic effects and, in combination with aromatherapy, can relieve you of stress. Of course, not everyone can afford professional services. But don’t worry! A warm bath coupled with some ambient music, a good book, candles, and a bottle of champagne has the same beneficial results.

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5. Treat yourself to a nice gift

A woman holding a gift

Learning how to date yourself is a long but worthy process that includes treating yourself to a nice gift from time to time.

That’s right; gifts aren’t reserved only for couples. The best thing yet, you don’t need a special occasion to buy something for yourself! Being spontaneous and doing it on the go is highly encouraged. If you have the budget, that is.

But it’s not all about the money. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive at all! Depending on your likes and interests, even a box of chocolate or flowers will suffice. Everything is acceptable as long as it makes you feel loved and cherished.

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6. Leave yourself loving, positive notes

A hand writing on a paper

Shower yourself with love through some inspirational, loving messages that you can leave all around the house.

Use sticky notes to attach them to mirrors, the fridge, or any other place where you are bound to notice them daily.

If you are nurturing a relationship with yourself and nobody else, you can also write your favourite singles quotes for the ultimate positivity. 

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7. Take a lesson from your pet

A woman playing with her pet to show how to date yourself

Pets have an innate ability to make us laugh even when we feel like crying. They radiate warmth and hold a tremendous amount of love inside of such small bodies.

A cuddly session with your fluffy friend might just be the thing that overwhelms you with joy. Bear in mind that animals can certainly differentiate friends from foes.

Therefore, if your pet is fond of you, there must be something inside you that’s worth loving. Think about that and show yourself the same amount of fondness your cuddle buddy would.

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Final words

At the end of the day, learning how to date yourself comes down to learning how to love yourself. It involves realizing your worth and putting your needs before anyone else’s.

You can’t expect others to know you and respect you if you can’t do it yourself. Only once you’ve mastered the art of being the only person in a relationship can you successfully date other people.


How To Date Yourself - 7 Amazing Things To Do For Yourself
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