How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You And Worry About That
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How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You And Worry About That

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If your man doesn’t know your value, then learning how to make a guy realize he’s losing you might be the best option for you.

If you are wondering why he suddenly changed? Maybe he used to be romantic, caring, and attentive to your needs but now, he is something else. Change is constant and it is normal for people in a relationship to take each other for granted.

There is a time in every relationship when one person starts to take the other for granted. During this period, they stop making efforts for you and eventually keep you wondering if you have done anything wrong. The reason is that you have finally known each other and your hormones are relaxed now. So, you no longer find it necessary to try to please each other since you have gotten closer to each other.

If you’re in this kind of situation, here are tips on how to make a guy discover he’s losing you already. Making your boyfriend know you are losing interest in him is important because it makes him sit up, especially if he has been taking you for granted.

Let’s jump straight to it.

How to make a guy realize he’s losing you

1. Talk to him about your concerns

This is the first way to make a guy worry about losing you. If you’re feeling like he’s taking you for granted or pulling away, sit down and talk to him about it. Be honest about how you’re feeling and make him realize he will soon lose you if he doesn’t change. Your boyfriend might not know he’s about to lose you if you don’t communicate your feelings to him.

So, instead of hiding your emotion and expecting him to figure out you are about to leave him, tell him how you feel. If he doesn’t want to lose you he will listen to you and change for good. If he doesn’t change, then he doesn’t care if he will lose you or not.

2. Spend less time with him

Another way to make a guy discover he’s losing you is to start spending less time with him. When you spend less time with him, he will soon realize that something is wrong and this is not how you used to relate with him.

Your man will soon figure out why you have decided to spend less time with him if you can maintain that distance for a long time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. He will soon start thinking he is already losing you when he finds out that you no longer give him your time or go out with him. This will make him miss you, crave your attention or presence and also acknowledge that he is about to lose you.

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3. Don’t always be there for him

Making a guy work harder to get the attention he used to get freely will make him believe he’s about to lose you. If you have the habit of helping him out each time he needs your help, you have to sit back and think about it. Stop being there for him. Make him work harder to get your attention and help.

4. Stop trying to please him

It is normal for every girl to try to please her boyfriend, but when you discover that your guy doesn’t deserve your love anymore, stop trying to please him. For example, cancel plans or decline his requests if he’s taking you for granted. This will make him realize he has hurt you and worry about losing you.

5. Show him you don’t care anymore

A guy will not perceive he’s about to lose you until you start acting in a way that tells him you don’t care about him or give a shit about him.

To show him you dont are anymore and make him think he’s losing you, stop checking up on him. If he asks your opionion about something, tell him you don’t know. In all you do, just make sure you are not giving him what he wants.

6. Avoid sleeping with him

If you have been making love to him, it is time to stop. Tell him no or you are not in the mood anytime he wants to have you. This will make him start wondering what is going on and also be afraid of losing you to another guy.

7. Flirt with other guys in his presence

Flirting with other guys in his presence will not only make him feel jealous but it will also make him think you are beginning to lose interest in him. A guy will not discover he is losing you until you make him realize that other guys are also interested in you.

8. Be independent of him

If you have being too clingy to him all this while, try to give him space and be independent. Do things without involving him or asking for his help. This will make him think you have found another person who meets up with your needs and he will start to worry about losing you.

9. Improve your appearance

A simple change in your appearance can make your guy rethink and be afraid of losing you. Maybe he has been taking you for granted simply because he has found someone he thinks is better than you. So, why not prove him wrong by improving your life and your appearance to make him regret losing you?

10. Stop replying to his texts

Another way to make a guy realize he’s losing you is to stop having a conversation with him. Do not reply to his texts or interact with his posts. This will keep him wondering what he has done wrong and also make him worry about losing you.

11. If you finally reply him, tell him you need a break

Telling a guy you need a break is like telling him ‘I want to be alone since you don’t want me anymore.’ No guy would want to hear that if they still love you.

So, if you want to make him worry about you leaving him, tell him you want a break. If he demands an explanation, it is left for you to decide whether or not to explain further.

12. Focus on yourself

Instead of making efforts for someone who doesn’t apreciate or reciprocate your love, tailor that affection to yourself. You deserve something better. Therefore, priortize yourself and make him an alternative. This implies that you should think about yourself first. Make out time to take care of yourself before thinking about him.

People also ask

How do you make him feel that he is loosing you?

  1. Spend less time with him
  2. Don’t always be there for him
  3. Flirt with other guys when he is around
  4. Cease all forms of communication with him
  5. Don’t make plans with him
  6. Tell him you need a break
  7. Focus more on yourself
  8. Avoid having sex with him

How do I make him realize my value?

If you want to make a guy realize your value, learn to give him space to miss you. This will make him realize why you are important to him. But being there for him all the time will not allow him see the value in you.

How long does it take a man to realize he messed up?

The period it takes a man to realize what he has lost depends on the kind of man he is and the type of relationship you had with him. A guy will realize he messed up when it comes to a point when he needs you but has found out he doesn’t have access to you anymore. This is a time he will discover his mistakes and regret his actions.

How do you make a man realize his mistakes?

The best way to make a man discover or acknowledge his msitakes is to point it out to him and allow him to make his own decision. At that point, he will be left with two options-to either admit his mistakes and correct it or deny it and face the consequences.


How to make a guy realize he's losing you
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