How To Make A Guy Jealous And Feel Crazy About You
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How To Make A Guy Jealous And Feel Crazy About You

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How to make a guy jealous? I know this very question brought you here. You want to make your boyfriend jealous and even desire you more. Read on to discover the best tips I have for you.

Jealousy is a strong emotion. It only works when someone has feelings for you. In other words, if a guy doesn’t have feelings for you, he will never feel jealous when you do the five things I’m about to share with you.

Below are simple things you can do that will make a guy feel jealous and want you more. This post is short but powerful. Try these five things and let me know if they work.

How to make a guy jealous

1. Embrace a male friend in his presence

Not only will this drive him crazy but he will be extremely jealous. How will you feel if you see your boyfriend embracing another girl? I guess you will feel jealous and think she’s his second girlfriend. Likewise, your man will feel the same way if you do that in his presence.

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2. Do not reply to his texts on time

Your boyfriend will be jealous over the text if you’ve been replying to his texts but suddenly delayed replying. He will think you’re busy chatting with another guy. If he asks why you delayed replying, tell him you have a lot of messages to reply to. This will make him go crazy.

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3. Tell him about another guy

Nothing makes a man jealous like when you tell him about another guy. He will feel jealous when he realizes that he’s not the only guy you like. That is why you will see a man trying his best to keep a lady. It is because he doesn’t want to lose her to his competitors. This particular one makes me extremely jealous and I pray my girlfriend will not see it.

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4. Flirt with a guy in his presence

Do you want to make him go crazy about you? Flirt with another guy in his presence. Give a guy a compliment when you are together. For instance, you can tell one of his male friends ‘I love your eyes,’ ‘You’re charming,’ ‘I love the way you smile.’ etc. This will make him jealous. No guy wants to compete with other guys just to win you.

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5. Play a little bit hard to get

Your guy will feel jealous if you play a bit hard to get. Give him some space to miss and think about you always. Make yourself available for him and then disappear for a while. Do not pick up his calls immediately. Stay for some hours before you return the call, apologizing that you missed his calls. Tell him you went out with friends sometimes when he asks for a date. All these are ways you can play hard to get. But do not overdo this to avoid losing him. Here’s our post about how to play hard to get for more details and ideas.

Are there other ways you can make a guy jealous you want to share with us? Drop a comment below.


How to make a guy jealous and feel crazy about you
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