7 Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend
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7 Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend

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Do you find yourself trying to initiate friendships and end up getting hurt? Here are signs someone doesn’t want to be your friend so you won’t continue wasting your time with them.

There are people who say they are your friend, but the signs you get from them show they don’t want to become your friend. One thing about life is that you don’t have to force yourself on anyone. If someone doesn’t like you, move on, no matter how hard it may be.

Here’s how to tell if someone doesn’t want a friendship with you but they’re not ready to tell you. Once you see any of these symptoms, they indicate that you are wasting your time trying to build a friendship that will never exist.

7 Signs someone doesn’t want to be your friend

1. They avoid you

If someone isn’t interested in being your friend anymore, they may not tell you directly to avoid hurting your feelings, but they will start to distance themselves from you. This means that they will stop hanging out with you, stop calling you, and even not bother to text or reply to your texts as they do before.

So, if you and your friend used to text or call each other 24/7, but you suddenly notice they’re distancing themselves from you, it is a sign he or she isn’t interested in the friendship anymore.

Also, if it is someone new (a stranger) that you are trying to initiate a friendship with, but you notice that they don’t like telling you anything about themselves when you ask them, they reply to a few of your texts and even ignore some, it is an indication that they don’t want to be your friend.

2. You make all the efforts to see the friendship work

Another way you can tell if someone doesn’t want a friendship with you is the way they handle your friendship. They don’t bother to see you as a friend, call you, or even make an effort to make the friendship work. Rather, you are the only one who makes all the efforts.

3. They don’t share their plans with you

If this person doesn’t like sharing their vision or their plans with you, it means they aren’t interested in having you as their friend. True friends hardly hide secrets from each other. And someone who wants to be your friend will be happy to share their vision with you, and would also want to know what your dreams are.

4. They don’t bother to know anything about you

When someone doesn’t want the two of you to become friends, they become reluctant to know anything about you. They don’t care to ask you the primary questions to ask a new friend to get to know him or her.

The reason is that they don’t like you, neither do they seem to be interested in your life. And you end up complaining about them not calling or asking of you. It is a clear sign they don’t want to become your friend.

5. They don’t include you in their plans

You will know if someone wants to be your friend if he or she includes you in their plans. For example, they invite you to their birthday or that of a friend or a relation. But if he or she doesn’t invite you to most of the things they do but invites their friends, it is a sign they’re not interested in being your friend.

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6. They keep canceling plans

They always disappoint you anytime you plan to meet each other or go on a date. It is not a sign that someone wants to be your friend.

They may be good at apologizing and giving some excuses like; they are busy, something very urgent came up. But the truth is that you are simply forcing yourself on them. They are not interested in the friendship but don’t want to tell you to avoid hurting your feelings.

7. You always reach out first

A person who doesn’t call you except you do, neither do they text you is simply saying “I don’t want a friendship with you.” But most people do not understand this language. Rather, they always think that that person is busy.

Everyone is busy but you make out time for the people you love. Therefore, if you are the only one reaching out to a friend but he or she doesn’t care about you, it is an indication that they don’t want you to be friends.

In Summary:

Learn to move away from people who don’t value your presence. It is a waste of time to force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you as a friend. Therefore, embrace the truth and let go, no matter how difficult it may be for you.

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