7 Tips on How to make a Long Distance Relationship Work
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7 Tips on How to make a Long Distance Relationship Work

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Do long distance Relationship work?

The answer is “Yes”. But the problem now is how do you make long distance Relationship work?

Starting a long distance Relationship may not actually be a difficult task, but maintaining the Relationship.

At first, it may be full of Relationship problems like cheating, the problem of trust, etc. But does that mean all long distance Relationships doesn’t work?

Below are some tips on how to make a long distance Relationship work.

10 tips on how to make a long distance relationship work

7 Tips on How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

1. Make it Your Priority:

For every long distance relationship to work, you must avail yourself in the relationship.

What do I really mean by making the Relationship your priority?

Give it your time, attention and everything.

If you really love your partner and wouldn’t like to lose him/her, then you have to fight for the success of the Relationship by nurturing it.

It takes time to sustain or develop a relationship let alone of being a long distance one.

So, if you really want your long distance relationship to succeed, maybe you want to end up getting married to each other, then you have to make the relationship your priority.

How to make long distance relationship work

2. Build Trust:

Breach of trust destroys a relationship.

In a long distance relationship, you can never stay without doubting your partner’s faithfulness to you. And when such thought comes in, you suddenly stop trusting each other.

So, if you must have a successful long distance Relationship, you must build trust in your relationship. Learn to trust and accept your partner’s words without doubting. Lack of trust does not make a long distance relationship work. Rather it weakens and destroys such relationship.

How can one build trust in a Relationship? You can start by being open to each other. Don’t keep unnecessary secrets except they are too confidential to you.

Here are the various ways to build trust in your Relationship.

Ways to make a long distance Relationship work

Two lovers talking to each other

3. Improve your Communication Skills:

Good communication skills are inseparable from every long distance Relationship that won’ts to succeed or last.

How often do you communicate with your partner? When issues arise, how do you settle them? Do you just wave them off and say ‘its nothing much’.

Remember, what destroys most relationships especially long distance ones are not big issues as you may think, but those minor things you overlooked at the earlier stage of your relationship.

For instance, bad habits like lying, gossip etc. You may not frown at them at the initial stage of your relationship. But as time goes on, you begin to discover that they are the major problems you are facing in your relationship.

Modern Love advised that “you should never try to hash out relationship issues via text message”

So how do you handle these issues? Adopt a good communication skill.

Be faithful to your partner

4. Be Faithful to Your Partner:

Another thing that makes a long distance relationship work is faithfulness.

Be faithful to your partner not minding the distance between the both of you.

See yourselves as people who deserve to be respected.

When you are loyal/committed to your partner, it shows you respect and value his/her presence in your life.

So, being faithful to your partner is another way to make any long distance relationship work.

How to make a Long distance Relationship work for you

two lovers on a date

5. Make out time to see each other at least once in a while:

Maybe you have been talking on phone or chatting online ever since you met each other. If you really want the relationship to work, then you have to fix a date to meet or see each other. Don’t depend on technology. Meet at least once in a while. Don’t allow the distance to make you lonely.

Some long distance relationships don’t work simply because the two individuals (lovers) rely only on phone conversations.

Make a plan on how to see each other. Go on a date together, have fun together and discuss the relationship (the challenges you’re facing in the relationship).

6. Remember no one is perfect:

No one is flawless (imperfect). Everyone makes mistakes and should be forgiven at all time.

Your partner may wrong you. Are you going to say ‘Hey! am no longer interested in the relationship. Its over between us? or will you see it as an opportunity to revenge (maybe he/she has wronged you in the past) ?.

The best thing to do is to forgive him/her. Your long distance relationship cannot work if you don’t normally forgive your partner if he/she wrongs you.

How to make long distance relationship work

7. Build your Love Life:

The final way to make your long distance relationship work is by nurturing your relationship.

Build your love life. Express your love to your partner. Make him/her realize that you care by nurturing the relationship. No relationship can ever grow or wok without love.


Having a successful long distance Relationship doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for every relationship to work especially long distance ones.

One major thing you shouldn’t do if you really want your long distance relationship to work is rushing the relationship. Take it easy especially when you have not known each other very well.

Take out time to know the type of person you’re currently dating or in a relationship with. Know his/her personality. Things they enjoy doing and the ones they frown at. It will help you sustain any long distance relationship you find yourself in.

In conclusion, every relationship takes time before it becomes successful. Give it your time. Even if its not moving as you want, it will definitely do. Nurture the relationship and wait for the result.

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