How To Motivate Your Team To Improve Performance At Work
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How To Motivate Your Team To Improve Performance At Work

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One of the targets of every CEO, Manager, or Director of any company or organization is to achieve the desired goal within a stipulated time. But that won’t be possible with little or no enthusiasm from your employees or team members. How then do you motivate your team to improve performance at work?

People are different, and what inspires them also varies. Here are the 9 ways to encourage your staff to increase productivity and achieve your goals.

9 Ways to motivate your team to boost performance

1. Improve your relationship with them

Your team members will be energized to work harder to achieve the desired goals if you have a good term with them.

A good relationship between the Boss and the workers fosters rapid development in an industry, company, or organization.

Do not just look at your team as your employees. Rather, see them as equal partners trying to achieve a specific goal.

Treat them with some respect and pay attention to their needs. It will encourage them to give you their best.

One of the researches I made shows that “People are motivated to work for you if you recognize that they have their personal needs.” Your workers have their own problems. Help them solve those problems at any level you can.

This will make them realize that you didn’t just employ them to serve you. Rather, you also have their needs at the back of your mind.

One of the benefits of having a good rapport with your team is that it encourages them to work harder even in your absence. Because you’re nice to them, they wouldn’t like to do anything that will bring you down, or perform their jobs with eye service.

So, be friendly with your staff. Do not be so arrogant that they will find you inaccessible. Rather, humble yourself and work together as a team.

2. Lead by example

Good leadership is by example. Be a leader who honours his words.

For instance, assuming you want your workers to start coming to work on time, show them an example by going to the office early. This will inspire them to also come on time. But when you say a thing and do the opposite, they will see you as a frivolous boss.

Also, learn to work even when they’re not working. Teach them to be diligent by working harder. This will motivate them to boost performance and be more productive in their various fields.

3. Make your vision more clearly to them

There is nothing so encouraging as working with a purpose. Make your employees understand what you’re trying to achieve. It will help them know what is expected of them and what they’re actually working for.

So, it is necessary to set a clear goal in the first place. This will make them realize where they’re heading to.

4. Understand their abilities

Everyone has his or her own capacities. Assigning a job or a task to your worker who is not an expert in that field, simply because you’re lacking manpower is not going to work. Rather, you should study them to know what they’re capable of doing.

This will help you to avoid wearing them up with a job or a task they’re not familiar with.

5. Create an avenue for them to improve

Organize a seminar for them to be trained. This will help them improve their skills and be more knowledgeable about the latest changes in the industry.

People learn new skills when they’re exposed to new ideas. Also, provide the necessary equipment needed to encourage them to add more effort to their work.

6. Encourage teamwork

Two heads are better than one. No company or organization can ever achieve anything meaningful without having a team spirit. Teamwork fosters development. It boosts people’s zeal to be more industrious while working for you. Here is a list of 100 Teamwork Quotes to inspire your employees at work.

7. Don’t emit fear in them

Do not punish failure. Rather, encourage them to bring out their best.

Henry Ford was able to build his famous V-8 motor even after failing several times, simply because he encouraged his workers not to give up until they achieve his goal.

Rebuke your workers when they’re wrong but don’t be strict.

8. Pay them what they deserve

A worker deserves to be paid. You should avoid unnecessary delay of payment of their salary or wages.

Pay them a reasonable amount of money as at when due. This will uplift them to become more useful to you and your company.

In a study from Paychex, nearly 70% of respondents said that a low salary is a primary reason they have left or would leave a job. Consider paying your team members what your competitors are paying their workers. It will inspire them to boost productivity.

9. Offer rewards

Encourage your staff to give their best by offering to reward them if they’re able to achieve the desired goal.

Stipulate the prize to be won, and the duration expected of them to reach your goal. This is also another way to motivate your team to enhance performance.

What do you say to motivate your team?

Use the following words to inspire your struggling team to work harder and boost productivity.

1. You really tried

2. Do not be discouraged

3. Feel free to ask me any question

4. You’re all incredible

5. I was encouraged by your works today. Put more efforts

6. You got talents. But here are the areas of your weaknesses to work on

7. Together we can lift this company to the next level.

8. Don’t quit when you fail, but keep trying

9. I trust in your abilities. Bring out the best in you.

10. I believe you will do better than this, next time.

11. Thanks for making my day

12. You’re the boss, I’m the supervisor. Relax and work

13. One with you all is a majority.

14. I love you all

15. You’re not defeated until you admit it. Never stop trying

16. We’re going to celebrate when we’ve reached our goals.

17. Always believe in yourself

18. My office is always open if you have any challenges

19. You did a marvelous job. Bravo to you!

20. Two heads are better than one. Let’s keep moving.

Are there other points we didn’t mention here? Share them with us in the comment section.

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