10 Types Of Friends You Need In Life
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10 Types Of Friends You Need In Life

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Friendship is a blessing we should never take for granted. Some friends are meant to stay, whereas others are meant to go. No matter the type of friendship you’re into, here are the types of friends you need to have in your life, and the ones to avoid in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Types of friends you need

1. The Supportive Friend

The supportive friend

If you ever want to scale higher in life, surround yourself with supportive friends.

These kinds of friends are loyal to you. They dedicate their time, money, and everything to support your dreams.

When you come in contact with such friends, don’t let them go. They’re your best friend and have the qualities that describe a true friend.

2. The Great Adviser

The Great Adviser type of friend

They’re your Counselor. They advise you on the type of business or carrier to choose in order to excel.

When you have problems in your relationship, they’re always the first people you run to. Such friends are worth your time and allegiance. Keep them and nurture the friendship.

3. The Honest Friend

The honest friend

We’re living in a world where truth is hardly spoken. We all need a brutally honest friends because they’re the only ones that can tell us our true state.

They don’t try to cover up crucial things just to please you. Rather, they will bluntly tell you the truth, no matter how painful it may be to you.

An honest buddy will help you discern between right and wrong.

4. The Protective Buddy

The protective friend

They stand and speak on your behalf, both in your presence and your absence. Also, they always defend you when people say silly things about you, especially behind your back.

They help you out when you engage in a fight. This kind of friend doesn’t joke with you at all.

5. The Visionary Friend

Everyone needs to associate with visionary people. The visionary buddy helps you develop new ideas and plans for your career, business, and relationship.

They make you see life from a different perspective. And also encourage you to pursue your dreams.

6. The Funny Buddy

The funny friend

Funny friends are pain relievers. They help you recover quickly from a sad or depressed state. Their duty is just to keep you happy.

7. The Competitive Friend

This kind of friend motivates you. They challenge you to become a better version of yourself. Not only that, but they chase you out of your comfort zone just to help you actualize your goals.

They don’t need words to inspire you. Their hardworking nature encourages you to rise and improve yourself.

If you ever meet this group of friends, don’t let them go. They’re the right kind of friends for you to associate with.

8. The Spiritually Minded Friend

The spiritually minded friend

Life is controlled by the spiritual. Friends with spiritual awareness or mindset back you up in prayers, and also motivate you to be spiritually vibrant.

They’re the type that persuades you to join their church or school fellowship. Or that you should follow them to the mosque for prayers.

They don’t joke with spirituality. You really need this category of friends in this wicked world, in order to advance spiritually.

9. The Old Friends

They can be your old-school pals, your childhood friends, or even your ex. These types of friends offer you their maximum support.  They’re the friend in need is a friend indeed a group of friends. Never let them go.

10. The Family Friend

The family friends

You are somehow close as a result of their relationship with your family. Maybe with your dad, mum or your siblings.

This group of friends sticks closer than a brother or a sister. They’re known to carry all your problems with them and help you find solutions to them.

If you’re into this type of friendship, keep it. It is good for your health.

Types Of Friendships You Should Avoid

Here are the different categories of friends to avoid or cut off from your life.

1. The parasitic friends

The parasitic friends

They only come around when things are moving well with you. But disappears in hard times.

One thing they’re good at is eating you up. They’re always the ones benefiting from you. But you stand to gain nothing from them. Such friends are called parasites.

A good friendship should be mutual and not one-sided.

2. The non-visionary friends

The non-visionary friends

They’re never motivated to do anything meaningful in life. They come to your house early in the morning just to stay and have a long and meaningless conversation with you.

If you’re surrounded by this kind of friend, you will never achieve anything great in life. They’re lazy and has no plans for their life.

“Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” This group of friends adds little or no value to your life.

3. The Gossip

The Gossiper

All they do is tell you about others.

It is said that “great people, discuss ideas. But little minds discuss people.” These friends don’t come up with important ideas if not the next person to talk about.

And those who tell you about others, will one day tell others about you. Be careful with such friends.

4. The over-wise friends

They don’t listen nor accept your advice. They’re always right and hardly receive instructions or corrections from others.

Such friends will influence you negatively. They will make you start ignoring peoples’ opinions or advice. Avoid any friend in this category.

5. The stingy friend

The parsimonious friend (stingy) likes collecting from you but never spends a penny. They’re like parasitic friends.

They always pretend to have nothing, just to eat from you. They simply do not believe in giving but in receiving.

If you discover that you have such a person as your friend, cut him or her off from your life. They’re fake.

6. The jealous friend

They envy you whenever you achieve something they can’t get.

Although you may not notice it sometimes. But they’re signs that tell if they’re jealous or not.

The jealous friend always starts up an unnecessary quarrel with you. Avoid them. They don’t like you. A friend who truly loves you will never get jealous of you.

So, jealous friends are not meant to be in your life.

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