How to please your man

How to please your man (8 Things A Man Expects From A Woman)

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Do you want to know what a man expects from a woman? Here are some tips on how to please your man and make him feel special and cared for.

For you to be the type of woman every man will find irresistible, they are certain things you must do to win a man’s heart.

According to research, men are attracted to what they see, whereas, women are attracted to what they hear. In other words, you need to keep a man interested in other to please him at all time. Also, you need to know how to make him happy when he is sad. But how do you get started?

How To Please Your Man

Below are what men expect from their women in other to feel loved and cared for.

1. Be Loyal To Him

Every man loves and wants a loyal woman.

The first thing you must do to win a man’s heart is to be loyal to him.

Submit to his authority. Do not try to rub shoulders with him.

A proud wife or girlfriend can never please her man.

Men expect their women to be submissive to them.

Every man is a king. And for you to awaken the hero in him, you must make him feel like a king. How? By being submissive to him.

Men are the head of the family or a relationship and should be in control.

Allowing a man to be in control does not mean you don’t have any right to disagree with him. Or that you should allow him to control and manipulate you.

All I’m saying is that you should make him feel the hero in him. Allow him to exercise his kingship.

And you know what?

When you make a man your king, you will definitely become the queen.

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2. Make Him Happy

Your man wants to have fun. That is the number one secret most women don’t know about men.

Men are not hard to please, only if you understand their love languages.

Let me share one secret with you.

When a man comes back from work, first of all, allow him to have some rest, and serve him his food.

After a while, the next thing should be playtime. Don’t be too busy to have fun with your man. Even if he’s not in the mood, turn him on.

Have fun with him and make him feel good.

Even if he’s the type that doesn’t come back from work on time, he will start returning home, earlier. Why? Because of how you make him feel whenever he returns.

A man may be stressed up at work, but having a little fun with him, at home, can make him feel good again.

3. Compliment Him

Make sure you compliment his dress before he goes to work.

Tell him he looks cute today. This will make him smile and keep pondering on those words when he gets to work.

I tell you, he will call you later in the day, saying he just wants to hear your voice.

When this happens, just know that you have already won his heart.

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A supportive partner

4. Encourage and Support Him:

Another way to make a man satisfied with you is by encouraging him, especially when he is depressed.

There are a lot of things that can make a man lose his comfort. But your duty as his wife or girlfriend is to support him.

Make him realize that he’s not alone. Strengthen him with words of encouragement.

Men are not just attracted to a woman’s looks only. Every man has a vision. And what we want most is a woman that will help us actualize those dreams.

A woman and a man cooking food

5. Prepare His Best Food For Him

One secret every woman should know is that there is power in the type of food you cook for your man.

Most men don’t eat much at home because they have somewhere to eat a delicious meal.

If you want to always have a place in a man’s heart, then you should learn how to attract him with what you cook. Give him your best and he will love you more.

Always prepare those meals he likes eating. And make sure you serve him the food with respect.

Avoid using the normal plates you use for others to put his food. Rather, you should consider having a separate plate meant for him alone.

Your man may not complain about the type of food you prepared. But do not fail to give him your best at all times.

An attractive woman

6. Look Attractive to him

The first impression a man gets from a woman is her looks, before any other thing.

You can make a man take delight in you by making yourself look good. Do not cease to be attracting him.

Men are mostly carried away by what they see. So, consider wearing some sexy dress for him at home. This will make you look charming to him.

7. Pay attention to his needs

Any man you give the whole of your attention is likely to make you the Apple of his eyes.

Men also have their own emotional needs. Make sure you meet those needs (the ones you can).

Pay attention to him, especially his feelings. Most men are not good at expressing their feelings. So, you have to be sensitive to discover what they want.

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A woman expressing love to her man

8. Express Your Love To Him

When you express your love to a man, it simply shows you value him.

Show him how much you love and want him in your life.

Men also want to feel loved and cared for, as women desire affection, too.

Send him some sweet, good morning texts to wake him up. Write him some love letters to show how much he means to you.

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Every woman is capable of pleasing his man.

Most women thought that the only way to please a man is by making love to him.

Real men are not just attracted to a woman based on her physical looks, only. They are pleased with a woman who has everything it takes to be a wife. A virtuous woman. So, as a woman, you don’t need to offer yourself to any man to please him.

All you need are the 8 qualities I described above.

In summary, the best ways to win a man’s heart and make him pleased with you is to:

1. Be loyal to him

2. Make him happy

3. Encourage and support him

4. Compliment him

5. Prepare him his favorite meal

6. Look attractive to him

7. Pay attention to his needs

8. Express your love to him.

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