6 Ways To Make A Guy Approach You And Be Interested
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6 Ways To Make A Guy Approach You And Be Interested

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If you want to make a guy approach you, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Make sure you read this post to the end to get the best tips on how to make a guy want to talk to you.

Making a guy approach you and even ask for your number isn’t hard. Guys are attracted to what they see. In other words, there are little changes you can make in the appearance that will attract the type of guy you want for you. But before then, consider looking at what are the biggest turn-offs for guys to avoid making any of these mistakes.

Are you tired of waiting for guys to approach you? If you want to take the initiative and make things happen, here are ways to make a guy approach you.

How to make a guy approach you

1. Dress in a way that will attract him

The first way to make a guy approach you is to dress in a way that is attractive to him and makes you feel confident. Guys like meeting girls who are smart in their dressing and also confident in themselves.

2. Make eye contact with him and smile

If you want a guy to approach you and talk to you, do not always be in a haste to look away when he makes eye contact with you. Rather, maintain eye contact for some seconds and smile before looking in a different direction. Eye contact is a powerful way to signal interest and encourage someone to approach you. Also, a genuine, warm smile is another way to attract attention and make someone want to approach you. So, try them today and thank me later.

3. Make yourself approachable

Most girls are too arrogant and rude to everyone around them. This chase men away from you. Guys like to approach girls who are respectful and approachable. So, be approachable by standing up straight and not crossing your arms or disrespecting everyone that wants to talk to you. Furthermore, avoid looking like you’re preoccupied or in a hurry. These simple body language cues signal that you’re open to being approached.

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4. Put your phone away

Nothing kills the mood like someone who’s glued to their phone. If you want someone to approach you, put your phone away and give them your full attention. When a guy notices that you give less attention to people who want to talk to you, he won’t bother or stress himself to come to you because he knows you’re not going to listen to him.

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5. Go to places where you’re likely to meet guys

You will increase your chances of making guys come up to you by going to places where you’re likely to meet guys. For example, at a party, at the gym, at the bar, or even at the beach. There are other places you can meet a good number of guys that will talk to you. Just look around or even ask a friend.

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6. Be confident in yourself

If after following the 5 tips above and you lack confidence in yourself, you will rarely attract or make guys come your way. Confidence is another thing to makes guys want to meet a girl and talk to her. Try to show confidence in the way you talk, the way you dress, and how you walk. Here is my previous post on how to be more confident.

Final thought

There’s no one perfect way to make a guy approach you, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. First, dress to impress. Guys are visual creatures, so if you look good, they’re more likely to approach you. Second, make yourself approachable to guys. Smile and make eye contact with the guy you’re interested in, and he’ll be more likely to approach you. Finally, be confident. Confidence is sexy, so if you believe in yourself, the guy you’re interested in will be more likely to believe in you too.


6 Ways To Make A Guy Approach You And Be Interested
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