5 Warning Signs He’s a Player and you should avoid him.
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5 Warning Signs He’s a Player and you should avoid him.

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Wondering if a guy is playing with your emotion? Here are the signs he’s a player in disguise.

Some guys are players in disguise. They will tell you sweet words just to make you believe that you are the only one in their life without knowing that they are equally dating other girls. Are you in a confused state about a guy you are about to date? If he does any of the following, then he’s a player.

Signs he’s a player in disguise

1. He’s too flirtatious:

Being flirtatious means “behaving in a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction to someone”.

A guy who wants to play with your mind will often tell you things like “You look sexy, I wish I could just give you a kiss, can you spend the night with me? etc.

All these are signs he’s trying to deserve you to believe that he loves you but he doesn’t. Maybe all he wants is to have sex with you and dump you for another person.

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2. He’s too charming or flattering:

A guy who is a player always comes with sweet words. He will flatter you.

For instance, he will tell you that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole universe and all he wants is you. He will make you believe that you are the only person in his life.

Women are attracted to what they hear. In that case, a Player will seize that opportunity to tell you sweet words just to make you believe he loves you but he’s never ready to commit to the relationship.

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3. He’s too secretive:

A guy who is not ready to go into a serious relationship with you will always hide a lot of things from you. For instance, he doesn’t allow you to get access to his phone (he hides his phone), he doesn’t pick some certain calls when you are together, etc.

When you ask him to tell you anything about himself, maybe what he does for a living, he will give some excuses or lie to you. All these are signs he’s not ready to date you.

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4. He’s always obsessed with you:

A Player will want everything now.

He will tell you he loves you more than 10 times a day.

The next thing he will do is to ask you whether you love him as he truly loves you.

After some days, he will tell you that he wants a relationship with you. He will start pouring his feelings on you (telling you how he feels about you).

He’s not serious with his words. He is doing all these as a result of infatuation. He’s just lusting after you.

If you want him to get obsessed with you, here are some tips to help you do that.

In case you don’t know how to differentiate love from infatuation, there are about 100 differences between love and infatuation.

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5. He texts you and disappears:

Another way to spot a playboy is that he texts and disappears.

When you’re chatting for the first time, he will captivate you with his funny jokes and interesting messages, but as time goes on, you won’t hear from him again.

After a while, he will text and decide to text you again. All these are signs he is a player in disguise.

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