How to Identify A Fake Lover In A Relationship
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How to Identify A Fake Lover In A Relationship

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Fake lovers tend to be attractive. They make you feel like you are the only one in their life. Fake love manifests in divers ways.

Some loves are fake. Not everyone is lucky enough to identify a fake lover. Fake love in a relationship has to do with false feelings. Your partner claims to love you but it is not true. But when hard times come, they disappear. It is a sign of fake love. They are fake lovers.

One thing about genuine love is that it endures hard times.

If the presence of a fake lover is not discovered on time, it becomes a problem later in the relationship.

The pertinent question here is “How do you identify a fake lover? Is some love fake?

I want to let you know that some loves are fake. Not everyone who claims to love you really loves you.

Some express their love only on their lips. Love is all about action.

I shall help you with some signs that will help you to identify a fake lover in a relationship.

picture of two lovers sitting and facing each other. fake love in a relationship

Signs of fake love in a relationship?

  • Emotional Distance:
Emotional distance. Picture of signs of fake love

One major signs of fake love in a relationship is emotional distance.

Your partner does not connect with you emotionally.

They lack feelings for you but pretends to love you. It is not genuine love.

When you are not connected emotionally with your partner, it simply means that little or no love exists between the both of you.

Your partner may be in the relationship because of personal gain but don’t really love you. It is a sign of a fake lover.

  • Selfishness:
image of selfishness. Fake lover

A fake lover is always selfish. All they care is about their selfish interest. They don’t want to know about your well-being.

Love is selfless and not selfish. If he or she claims to love you but is self-centred, it is not genuine.

Anyone who claims to love you but is self-centred is a fake lover. True love is built on sacrifices and selflessness. You cannot love without sacrificing. It takes a heart that is ready to make sacrifices to love genuinely.

  • A fake Lover pays little or no attention to your welfare:

Another way to identify false love is when your partner doesn’t pay much attention to you. In other words, if your partner is faking his/her love, they won’t show much concern for you.

When you are sick or in distress, they claim to be busy. After recovering, they come back to apologize and give their reasons.

They do that to make you believe that they love you, but they don’t. They love you only when things are right. But in hard times, their love vanishes.

How Can You Tell A Fake Lover?

  • Uncompromising:
picture of a fake lover

A fake lover is never willing to compromise.

You either accept his/her opinion or you live it.

They don’t care about how you feel. Their only concern is for their opinion to be taken.

In every healthy relationship, one person must compromise in other to keep the relationship going. If you don’t, they may be a crisis in the relationship.

  • A fake lover is Controlling:
picture of a fake lover

A fake partner controls.

They will trick you to accept each of their opinions.

But a good partner does not control.

He/she respects and value their partner.

When their partner says ‘No’ they take it for no. When he/she says ‘Yes’ they take it for yes.

They are not willing to make their partner go against their will, especially when it is risky for them.

Fake Love Quotes


Fake love is the direct opposite of true love. It lacks the characteristics of love which are: Kindness, patience, tolerance, etc.

A fake lover can only be identified when you look very closely to his or her actions.

How does he/she treats you in difficult times?

Does he/she remain with you even when you are passing through the struggles of life?

This question will also help you to identify fake love in a relationship.

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