Loyalty in friendship

Loyalty in friendship: How To Be A Loyal Friend Your Friends Will Be Proud of

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Loyalty is a virtue for sustaining friendship.

In friendship, loyalty means the act of being supportive, trustworthy, and honest with your friend.

A loyal friend is that friend who always stands by you when every other person abandons you. They are the type of friends who are not afraid to defend you in your absence.

A friend who is loyal to you is that one person whom you may have arguments with, or fight with, and then, when you apologize to him/her, they still find a way to forgive you and move on with the friendship.

When you are at fault, they don’t hesitate to tell you that you are wrong. A loyal friend is that friend who chooses to love you even after hearing some negative things about you.

They are the type of friends who help you out in a time of trouble. Loyal friends are the ones who sacrifice their time, talent, and resources just to assist you. They always have your interest at heart. Not only that, but they love you unconditionally.

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The importance of loyalty in friendship

One major importance of loyalty is that it brings trust. When you find a friend who is supportive of you, you know they are reliable.

People who are loyal to their friends, attract more respect to themselves than disloyal friends. Loyalty shows who you really are. Whether you are a good friend others can confide in, or just an acquaintance. You cannot give what you don’t have.

Some characteristics of a loyal friend

1. They’re honest with you.

2. They obey you

3. They respect you

4. They make sacrifices for you

5.They’re supportive

6. They are trustworthy

7. They love you unconditionally.

How do you show loyalty to a friend?

1. Be supportive

One way to be loyal to your friend is to support them, especially in hard times.

Being supportive entails encouraging your friend whenever he or she is facing the challenges of life. It may not necessarily be financial support. But a good piece of advice from you can go a long way to brighten their day.

You cannot claim to be a loyal friend, whereas you don’t make sacrifices for your friends.

2. Be trustworthy

Trust is necessary in every friendship. A loyal friend is reliable.

Therefore, prove to your friend that they can confide in you. Avoid doing anything that will make them stop trusting you. For instance, gossiping them, telling lies, or by doing anything bad to bring them down.

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