11 Signs He’s A Keeper
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11 Signs He’s A Keeper

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How do you know if he’s a keeper? What type of person is a keeper? If you are wondering whether the guy you are seeing is a keeper, watch out for these signs he’s a keeper.

Searching for the right man to commit to is no easy feat. With so many people out there, how do you know who is worth investing your time in? Are there any telltale signs he is a keeper? Rest assured – there are.

To help you figure out if you’ve found the one, this article seeks to explore the defining qualities that make a man a keeper.

Who is a keeper?

A keeper in a relationship is someone who is loyal, supportive, understanding, and communicative. They are not only willing to put in the effort necessary to make the relationship work, but they do it with enthusiasm and joy.

They appreciate the parts of the relationship that bring happiness and don’t take them for granted. Keepers are also invested in the future of the relationship, continuously working to make it the best it can be.

Signs he’s a keeper

1. He supports your dreams and ambitions.

One major sign a guy is a keeper is that he is supportive of you. He encourages you to chase your dreams and be the best of yourself.

A guy is a keeper if he is someone who stands by you in your successes and your failures. He is the one who will be there to celebrate your achievements and cheer you up when things don’t go quite as planned.

He won’t let you give up and will be sure to remind you of the goal you had set for yourself. His unwavering support and constant encouragement will show you that he is the right one for you.

02. He pays attention to you

You will know if a guy is a keeper if he listens attentively to you and is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Keepers listen carefully and they hardly forget every little thing about you. For example, your birthday, your promises, etc.

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03. He’s hilarious but also knows when to take things seriously

A keeper makes you laugh but also knows when to take things seriously. For example, he doesn’t tolerate it when you disrespect him or disregard his privacy.

04. He is open and honest with you about his feelings and thoughts

If there is one thing a keeper will not do is to lie to you. They are great communicators and don’t tend to hide their real feelings from you. Moreover, a keeper knows how to be vulnerable.

05. He is willing to compromise

Compromise is not just a sign of maturity in a relationship, but also a sign that a guy is someone you can confide in. A guy who is a keeper puts your needs above his own and is ever ready to compromise just to keep the relationship going.

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06. He always goes out of his way to make you feel special and appreciated

Another sign that tells a guy is a keeper is if he makes effort to please you and make you feel special and appreciated. Keepers prioritize your happiness and try their best to make you feel loved.

07. He takes the time to learn and understand things from your perspective

A keeper is not only concerned about his own needs and point of view. Rather, he asks for your opinion and tries to learn and understand things from your perspective before taking a big decision that could affect both of you.

08. He is faithful and devoted to you

A man who is a keeper is always faithful to his woman. In other words, he doesn’t cheat in the relationship. Not because he cannot but because he values your emotion and doesn’t want to involve himself in anything that will make you feel bad.

09. He accepts your flaws and loves you unconditionally

A good relationship is sustained when the two people in love accept each other unconditionally. This is when true love finds its way into the heart of those two lovers.

A keeper understands that no one is perfect and still accepts you as you are, hoping that you will become a better person someday.

10. He makes you feel comfortable around him

A guy who is a keeper always creates a conducive atmosphere when you are together. This implies that he makes you feel comfortable around him. He does this by allowing you to do whatever you like without bringing discomfort to him.

11. He has confidence in you

Keepers do not only earn trust for themselves but they also confide in you. This is to show that they believe in what you can do even when they are not around. So, if a guy trusts you even in circumstances that could prompt him to be suspicious, he is a keeper.

Final thought

Overall, if you find a guy that goes out of his way to make you feel loved, shows respect and empathy, maintains good communication, is comfortable with himself and his ambitions, keeps his promises, is loyal, and shares common values with you, he’s definitely a keeper.

While there are never any guarantees that a relationship will last, you can feel much more confident that you have found the right person if he exhibits these qualities. Together, you can create a strong and lasting bond built on respect, understanding, and love. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge and find out if he’s the one for you.

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