12 Signs He’s The One For You (Your Soulmate)
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12 Signs He’s The One For You (Your Soulmate)

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Discovering if you’re dating the right person can be very hard especially if you are planning to get married. But how do you know if he’s the one for you? Are there early signs that tell you he’s the right guy for you to marry?

It is very easy to fall in love, but difficult to fall for the right person. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing the wrong partner. It can kill you before your time.

A lot of people made this mistake by marrying the wrong guy. Maybe everything started well when you were dating him. He was so nice and charming to you that you immediately concluded that he was husband material and the one for you.

Before you conclude that he’s the one sent from God, take a look at the following signs to know if he’s the right man for you or not.

Signs He’s The One For You

1. He values and respects you

He doesn’t take any of your opinions for granted. He respects the boundaries you have set for yourself in the relationship. Also, he has regard for you, your family, your friends, and your values.

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2. He doesn’t rush the relationship

He’s not in a haste to tell you that he loves you. But you know he truly loves you. All he’s trying to do is to allow the both of you to know each other better, before taking the next step. Maybe by proposing to you.

But if after two or 3 months of meeting him, you discovered he’s rushing the relationship, he may not be the one. Maybe he just wants to have sex with you and disappear.

3. You love each other unconditionally

If he loves you for who you are, and you equally love him for whom he is, without trying to change each other, then he’s the one.

He doesn’t judge or criticize you when you make mistakes. Rather, he tries to understand your feelings and is compassionate and gentle in his dealings with you.

4. He supports your dream

If he’s the man sent from God, he will support your goals.

He will work immensely to see that he helps you to develop yourself and become the best among the other ladies. He will encourage you when you feel like giving up on your dreams, and will also make some necessary sacrifices for you.

5. Your family and friends like him

Parental wishes are crucial when it comes to marrying the right person. They’re things your parents and friends can observe in a potential partner that your emotions will not allow you to see.

All because you are deeply in love and seem to ignore those red flags. But if it seems he’s the family’s favorite, then he may be the right guy for you.

6. You’re always yourself around him

You feel happy and comfortable being with him. You don’t live a fake life just to win his heart. Rather, you are always yourself when you are together.

You feel comfortable discussing anything with him without the fear of being criticized.

7. He doesn’t hide anything from you

He shares his deep secrets with you. It is a sign he trusts you. Not only that, but he also reveals his plans to you and seeks your opinions.

So, if he’s the one, he will always be honest with you. Honesty is the best policy.

8. He’s your best friend

You both see each other as best friends. Whatever secret you cannot reveal to each other will remain a secret.

You respect each other’s privacy, and everyone knows about the relationship and how far you’ve gone.

Although, how long you’ve been in a relationship does not mean he is the one for you. But most of the time, it determines.

9. He always forgives you when you offend him

Another way to tell if he’s the right guy for you to marry is that he always finds the heart to forgive you when you offend him. He may get mad or angry at you but will end up forgiving you after apologizing to him.

10. Your instinct tells you he’s the one

Your mind or instinct has the ability to tell you if he’s the one or not. Unless you have been blindfolded by your love for him. If not, your conscience will tell you whether he is your life partner or not.

11. You are not afraid to have a future with him

You always visualize how sweet and lovely, a future with him will look like.

Most times you get carried away with your thoughts about living together as husband and wife and having kids. He equally makes future plans with you and you tend to see everything working as you’ve both planned.

12. He’s the only one that makes you happy

Out of all the guys you’ve met or dated so far, he seems to be different from them. You always smile whenever you remember him. He seems to be the only one that can make you happy whenever you are depressed.

On the other hand, you feel very bad anytime he mistakenly hurt your feelings. But you tend to recover quickly as soon as he apologizes to you. If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, it means you have found the man you are meant to be with.

Signs He’s not the one.

He’s always secretive. He never admits that he’s wrong and always cheats on you. Not only that, but he exhibits some abusive behaviors like being manipulative, beating, and stonewalling you.

He equally tries to change you, doesn’t value or seek your opinion, makes no future plans with you, and doesn’t bother to know more about you.


12 Signs he's the one for you
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